New York Will Be The Featured Location In Hitman 2’s First-Ever Expansion Pack; Will Include A New Mission

New York Will Be The Featured Location In Hitman 2’s First-Ever Expansion Pack; Will Include A New Mission
Credit: WB Games via YouTube

The Hitman series has been a huge success overall. There have been so many of these games, featuring the iconic Agent 47 and stealth-oriented combat. The games have a slower pace, but that’s part of their mass appeal. You’re forced into creative ways of killing targets, which never ceases to be fun.

We’re now on Hitman 2, an IO Interactive game that features massive open-world environments. Exploring them and finding how to use certain areas to your advantage never ceases to captivate your attention. This game has been out since 2018, and even still, it’s a fun time if you enjoy stealth-based tactics.

What keeps the gameplay fresh is the addition of new maps. Hitman 2 is getting a new one and that place is none other than New York. That’s right. Agent 47 will have this iconic city at his disposable for taking out target enemies. This map is being included in the game’s first-ever expansion pack.

The developers are rolling it out in a big way. The killing possibilities in New York are pretty open. One can only imagine that the tight alleys will play to your advantage. For targets out in open areas, such as Time Square, you’ll have to get a little more creative.

With every mission and task completed, you’re rewarded with tools. They’ll help you complete various missions in this expansion pack. A new mission is also being added with this update, which is being called ‘The Bank’.

Not much is known about it, but judging by its name, a bank robbery of some sort makes sense. Either way, it should give fans the chance to enjoy more content and let them experience something novel.

As you play, you’ll be able to increase your New York mastery level. This is important because it gives your agent access to new weapons and outfits.

As far as pricing, this expansion pack and new mission will cost $39.99. If you haven’t yet purchased this game, you can get it with the expansion pack for $99.99. These prices aren’t too bad considering the sheer size of the New York stage. There will be plenty of sights to see and ways to take down enemies.

It’s great to see the developers continue to push for updates. It means Hitman 2 players will have more content to look forward to. Hopefully, they keep adding levels and providing exciting improvements to an already great game. The future still looks bright for Hitman 2.