Crystal Dynamics Confirms That Marvel Will Be Heavily Involved In The Making Of Marvel’s Avengers

Crystal Dynamics Confirms That Marvel Will Be Heavily Involved In The Making Of Marvel’s Avengers
Credit: Marvel Entertainment via YouTube

The Avengers franchise has never been hotter. We’ve finally closed the chapter on the Infinity Saga, which gave fans so many epic moments to witness and be apart of. When an Avengers game was announced, it gave fans hope that these iconic superheroes would finally be portrayed correctly in a video game.

We’ve seen some great attempts here and there, but still, the Avengers haven’t been utilized to their full potential. Crystal Dynamics is hoping to change that narrative with their game, Marvel’s Avengers. It was heavily featured at this year’s E3 press conference. They didn’t show any gameplay, but they did give fans a sneak peek of the story elements and heroes involved. There’s Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, Black Widow, and of course, Captain America.

However, something was just a little off about these video game characters. They did not share the likeness of their counterparts in the movies. This made fans a little irritated to say the least. It certainly put a damper on an otherwise great reveal. It’s hard to blame Crystal Dynamics, though. They couldn’t secure the rights to these characters that fans of the movies know and love. It seems like they also wanted to go in a new direction.

They did say that their designs are not final. Like with any game, there are always opportunities to make adjustments and listen to community feedback. It’s even more important to mention that Crystal Dynamics is partnering up with Marvel directly. They will be heavily involved in the creation of this game, in fact. On paper, this is great news.

What better company to partner up with than the studio that has brought so many fun and action-packed Marvel movies over the years? It’s a great move on the part of Crystal Dynamics, quite honestly.

Every idea concerning this game is being brought forth to Marvel. Crystal Dynamics apparently talks to them every day, whether it’s getting advice about a certain character’s dialogue or how a character should move. This type of collaboration should bring forth a pretty great Marvel game.

Yes, it will be hard for fans to separate their notions of the core Avengers group from the character representations in this game. Still, Crystal Dynamics and Marvel deserve a chance. Marvel’s Avengers could turn out to be an incredible game, especially if the developers listen to the advice offered from Marvel. They know what works in the Avenger’s universe, and they should prove to be a valuable asset for Crystal Dynamics all the way up to this game’s completion.