New Steam Daily Deal: Save 25% On Strategy Game, Workers And Resources: Soviet Republic

New Steam Daily Deal: Save 25% On Strategy Game, Workers And Resources: Soviet Republic
Credit: 3Division via YouTube

Steam Daily Deals are a regular occurrence in the online marketplace, and they are also a godsend for gamers looking to save a buck. But every once in a while the daily deal announcements might reveal a hidden gem you might have missed too.

That’s the case for today’s daily deal, which offers 25% off 3Division’s early access game, Workers and Resources: Soviet Republic. The game is an indie city-builder simulator and real-time strategy game that allows the player to build-up a Soviet nation during the Cold War era. But what sets Soviet Republic apart from its peers is the game’s Soviet chic and the ability to plan the economy from the ground-up, completely.

The game is all about economic development. Players will need to connect resources and labor to industry to build products with real value. From there, the country can either attempt to become entirely self-sufficient or focus on one area of production and trade for the things it needs—and trading can be either directed at Western capitalist nations or the other Soviet countries.

Besides this, the best aspect of the game is the theme itself. Not only will players get to build a Soviet-style city (which has an entirely different aesthetic), but Soviet Republic even comes with its own soundtrack featuring classic songs from the USSR. That theme even extends to the smallest pieces of the game: for example, the latest update adds a car factory that produces real Soviet-style cars for the citizens to drive around in. That’s very different from your average city builder.

In many respects, Soviet Republic seems incredibly similar to the Tropico series, which also heavily plays on Cold War tensions and forces players to build up a developing economy on a small island nation. But the resemblance is not necessarily a bad thing since Soviet Republic presents the themes in a wholly different light.

3Division, the game’s development team, is a freelance game company located in Kosice, Slovakia. Previously, 3Division has worked on mostly air combat and foosball games, including Air Conflicts, Attack on Pearl Harbor, and Foosball: World Tour.

Although the game is currently in early access, it has a “Very Positive” rating with over 88% of 399 recent users giving positive reviews. And all of this has come since its March 2019 release date.

Workers And Resources: Soviet Republic is currently $18.74 on Steam. Get it before midnight tonight when the price will jump back up to $24.99.