New Razer External Capture Card Allows Users To Stream At 1080p And Play At 4k Simultaneously

New Razer External Capture Card Allows Users To Stream At 1080p And Play At 4k Simultaneously

Great news to all gamers and streamers! Razer just released a new external capture card that allows users to stream while also playing. It can greatly improve gaming and streaming experience, given the fact that it supports 4K gameplay and 1080p resolution.

The even better news is that it will be cheaper compared to the flagship capture card of Elgato.

Razer is currently expanding its broadcasting peripherals lineup. Now, they’ll be using Ripsaw HD. This is a capture card of the external “multi-platform-kind” which can record videos at 60 frames/second in 1080p Full HD.

The specs of Razer’s are the same as HD60 S Game Capture from Elgato. The latter is considered the best PC gaming capture card for newbies. Then again, Razer’s version comes with more advantages.

One of these is the fact that it sells for a lower price. Aside from that, it also comes with passthrough specs of 4K 60fps.

Having a passthrough at 4K only means the user can efficiently play games at 4K. And if the user’s hardware is high-end, he can also share with his audience a 1080p gameplay. These are the capture card’s primary selling points.

According to Razer’s CEO, Min-Liang Tan, the introduction of Ripsaw HD into their broadcaster range made a lot of difference.

Streamers are now enabled to own capture cards ready for the broadcasting of games on high framerates and resolution. Users can do these on their consoles or their PCs.

Tan also added that viewers will definitely fall in love with the streams in Full HD. Also, broadcasters can now enjoy their gamers with the pass-throughs in 4K.

These are a few of the specifications of Razer’s Capture Card:

● Maximum Resolution for Captures: 1080p 60fps uncompressed
● User Interface: Only USB 3.0
● Input (Videos): HDMI 2.0 Digital
● Input (Audio): HDMI Digital
● Input (Audio Mix-in): 3.5mm for aux-in and 3.5mm for mic-in
● Output (Video): HDMI 2.0
● Maximum Passthrough Resolutions Supported: 2160p60
● Inclusions: USB3.0 Type A to Type C cable, 2.0 HDMI Cable, Audio Cable (3.5 mm)

Though the card hasn’t been publicly tested, by mere looking, it appears to be a great and captivating option.

As of now, it’s sold at $159.99 per piece. It will be sold to the public starting April 11. The price is actually $10 cheaper compared to HD60 S of Elgato. The latter, however, is for sale on Amazon for only $149.