New Legendary Pokemon Are Now Availiable In Pokemon Go, The First Ever Friend Fest Has Begun

New Legendary Pokemon Are Now Availiable In Pokemon Go, The First Ever Friend Fest Has Begun
Credit: The Official Pokémon YouTube channel via YouTube

The first-ever Pokemon Friend Fest has begun and with it a new Legendary Pokemon making an appearance. This is only one of several Pokemon Go events lined up for the rest of the year. With Trrakion making its debut into Raid Battles, content continues to grow for this free to play mobile game.

Tarrakion is part of the Sword of Justice trio from the Gen 5 games, Pokemon Black and White. It will begin to appear in five-star Raids starting November 27th at 1 PM PT / 4 PM ET. This Legendary Pokemon will be available for players to catch until December 17. Make sure to team up with other players in-person to battle the Terrakion before catching it.

Tarrakion has two types, Fighting and Rock, so make sure to type-match your team before engaging. This pokemon is vulnerable to Grass, Ground, Water, Psychic, Steel, Fairy, and other Fighting Pokemon, so make sure to build your team around those types. Bringing Pokemon like Gardevoir and Machamp can help increase your chance to defeat it.

The best move set you can hope for from Tarrakion is Smack Down and Rock Slide. This combination has the highest DPS and is the best for both PVE and PVP battles. Keep in mind that this Pokemon is resistant to Dark, Normal, Bug, Rock, Poison, and Fire-type moves.

Friend Fest is also kicking off this week and will run until December 2. During this time, “family-themed Pokemon” like Nidoran and their evolutions will appear more often in the wild. This is a great chance to fill in your collection and gather up the candy needed to reach the final evolution of these Pokemon.

If you and a friend have been wanting to trade, now may be the time to do it. Pokemon trades will require half the usual amount of Stardust, and you can make two special trades per day. This is a great way to save Stardust while still helping your friends with their collections.

After the Friend Fest finishes, Niantic is holding a Pokemon Go December Community day. Just like last year, the developers are doing something different than a standard event. Rather than taking place on a single day, the Community Day will occur on two days, December 14 and 15. This will give you another chance to catch all the Pokemon featured in previous Community Days of this year.

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