New Information And An Adorable Trailer Has Been Released For Snacko, An Adorable Farming Simulator

New Information And An Adorable Trailer Has Been Released For Snacko, An Adorable Farming Simulator
Credit: Armor Games Studios via Youtube

Bluecurse has revealed a brand new announcement trailer for Snacko’s Kickstart campaign, an adorable adventure on a deserted island. Join the adorable kitties Momo and Mikan as they start a brand new life on a deserted island.

Players will rebuild a community, design the city, and decorate to their heart’s content. Explore the farming, fishing, and other endeavors all at your own pace as you enjoy a relaxing adventure with the kitties. Make a home on the island and enjoy the peaceful world of Snacko.

Start a new life on a deserted island and unravel the mysteries hidden across the world. As you build a community you will gain friends who live among you and rely on you to build them a life on this strange island.

These ambitious kitties work with caretaker Nobu to rebuild the entire island from scratch. Choose who you want to populate your village and gain more space as you explore the surrounding area. The island is scattered with mysteries and legends just waiting for a curious cat to discover its secrets.

Grow a wide variety of crops across a cycling season. As you unlock fertilizers, seed makers, and more will cause your farm to flourish and provide amble food to your community.

Craft tools and expand your farm as well as finding new decorations. As you explore the surrounding area you will find lots of opportunities to truly make this island your own.

When you’re not farming and managing the town, you can explore the surrounding islands. There are minerals, fishing spots, and new kinds of crops hiding around every corner. It is your decisions to explore and everything is set to your own pace.

Discover the truth behind the island and what happened to the original inhabitants. As you explore the land, you will gain more information and eventually be able to piece together the entire story.

The Kickstart for Snacko launched on Tuesday and it is continuing to gain traction as an adorable farming game. There is a passionate community already getting involved with the development process resulting in a deeper understanding of what this game could become.

This game has a Steam page already live for fans to explore. Wishlist this title and prepare for an adorable adventure in this unique and beautiful land. Learn more about this game on its Kickstarter page and discover the magic in this kitties adventure. Welcome to Snacko, an island of kitty adventure.