New Features Were Just Highlighted For The Beta Of Planet Zoo; Those Who Pre-Ordered Can Play It Next Week

New Features Were Just Highlighted For The Beta Of Planet Zoo; Those Who Pre-Ordered Can Play It Next Week
Credit: Planet Zoo via YouTube

Growing up, you probably visited the zoo from time to time. Seeing animals in custom habitats sparked a sense of wonder at an early age. Planet Zoo is trying to capture these amazing moments in a video game. Frontier Developments is the studio behind this unique project. They really are expending all of their resources to make it an authentic zoo experience.

A trailer just surfaced for Planet Zoo that highlights some of the features you can expect to find in the beta. These and others will be available next week if you pre-ordered Planet Zoo. If you didn’t pre-order and are waiting until November for the official release, at least you can watch the trailer and get a sense of the direction Frontier Developments is going in with this simulation experience.

It shows us a little bit of the different modes you’ll be able to play around in. There’s a career mode. It seems like a system where you manage various aspects of the park and try to work your way up to the top of the ranks. There will be plenty of challenges for you to overcome along this animal journey.

A franchise mode is also being included. It seems to be a more comprehensive system where you’ll control the bigger pieces of running a zoo. For instance, you’ll have to respond to animal sicknesses and injuries, as well as make sure your zoo is remaining profitable. If you like being in control of everything, then the franchise mode will be right up your alley.

We then see a little bit more of the system in which you’ll have to care for the animals. There are many categories you have to ensure are taken care of, including overall welfare and enrichment. The animal variety shown in the trailer also is impressive. There’s everything from cute elephants to majestic tigers. All of the animals that you would expect to find in a zoo are here and their habitats look well built.

The beta for Planet Zoo will be available on September 24. If you have already pre-ordered the game, you’ll get to experience a little bit of the modes firsthand. Thus far, Planet Zoo is shaping up to be a very authentic zoo experience. The animals look fun to interact with. There doesn’t seem to be a shortage of tasks to complete either. It seems like the perfect game if you love animals.