New Epic Games Exclusivity Deal For Control Video Game Costs Over US$10-M? 505 Games Getting 55% Of The Payment?

New Epic Games Exclusivity Deal For Control Video Game Costs Over US$10-M? 505 Games Getting 55% Of The Payment?
Credit: Epic Games via YouTube

Could it be true that the new Epic Games exclusivity deal has cost the company more than US$10 million?

The Tim Sweeney-led American firm has been known for closing exclusivity deals. Its list of exclusive games under its name has been noticeably getting longer each year. It has been entering into different contracts with various developers. This is to ensure that they have the exclusive distribution rights to what they believe are fantastic titles.

The Epic Games Store has been addressing its competition with Steam head-on. Thus, its mother company has never stopped acquiring new hot deals.

As of June this year, the following are among the included titles in the Epic Games exclusivity deal list:

· Ashen
· Hades
· Dauntless
· Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek
· Dangerous Driving
· Genesis Alpha One
· Rebel Galaxy Outlaw
· The Walking Dead: The Final Season
· Satisfactory
· Tom Clancy’s The Division 2
· World War Z
· Roller Coaster Tycoon Adventures
· Metro: Exodus

In the latest update, Control, the game developed by Remedy Entertainment, has reportedly been just added to the list. Daniel Ahmad of Niko Partners, a consulting firm, divulged via his Twitter account about the supposed Epic Games exclusivity deal. Accordingly, he got the information from Digital Bros., the parent company of the game’s developer 505 Games.

The revelation did not stop with the amount of payment made, which reportedly totaled €9.49 million. The publisher was accused of receiving 55 percent of the total value.

While interacting with his followers, Ahmad continued to disclose that 100 percent of the payment was from Epic games alone. No payment came from Microsoft and Sony. Likewise, it was pointed out that this is for the exclusive distribution of Control. Nevertheless, he admitted that he is no longer aware if such payment has “other strings attached” to it.

The thread about the latest Epic Games exclusivity deal which Ahmad started also mentioned about another “update.”

Accordingly, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One did some pre-orders, too. However, they did not pay anything before June 30 this year. What he was trying to emphasize, therefore, was that the multi-million payment all came from Epic Games.

In August, Wlad Marhhulets shared about turning down a possible contract from the company for the exclusive distribution of Darq. Based on his narration, Epic approached him a few days after he announced about the availability of the game on Steam. He added that he immediately rejected the offer even before they talked about the involved amount.

In the coming days, fans may wait for the other games that would make to the Epic Games exclusivity deal list. Watch out!