New Core 10 Gaming CPU From Intel On Their Way For EEC Qualifications Ahead Of Scheduled Launch

New Core 10 Gaming CPU From Intel On Their Way For EEC Qualifications Ahead Of Scheduled Launch
Credit: RedGamingTech via YouTube

The new gaming CPU, Comet Lake from Intel, is almost near its launch. But dev kits are already being shipped out for EEC compliance. News has recently surfaced that the software development platform registration is already in the works.

Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) has listed the electronic parts of the new gaming rig which features 10 cores of 14nm, a descendant of Skylake’s power capacity. This new gaming CPU will have similar architecture and internal process with both the 8th and 9th Generation Coffee Lake.

What’s also confirmed for the registration is that the new hardware will have a 10+2 configuration. This means that an integrated on-chip graphics will be included in the framework itself. However, the processor will be getting a Gen9 graphics instead of the new and enhanced Gen1 Loudout card.

EEC released the registration notice on September 24, and the new Intel chips are now being processed for the qualification process. As the reports continue to pour in, the processor might already be in the hands of testing committee for testing and verifications.

Also, what reports confirm is that the Comet Lake is already in its final product development stages before the retail kits will be shipped out. Once everything’s completed both from the EEC testing and the finalization, the new Intel Comet Lake S will be out for launching.

Prior to this, the Comet Lake benchmark was also spotted in SiSoftware Sandra database. The processor was running on an unnamed H470 chipset which is also set for market retail. This is something unexpected as the chip is also a product sample. It just proves that hyperthreading for six-core chips is making a comeback.

Intel is not only the tech company making an aggressive stance towards bringing game quality rigs but also its partners. Amongst those whose names appear on the EEC, the database is Gibabyte who is in the process of registering their motherboard series, the B460 and the Z490. The company is also in the midst of having their WiFi-enabled motherboard approved.

It is not clear when the Comet Lake processor will be released. But one thing sure is the upcoming launch of several motherboard and CPUs which were spotted in the EEC benchmarking database. This is often a sign that a product is near its launch date.

For Intel whose has a series of launch following a particular structure, we can speculate that the launch of these processors would take place around the early quarter of next year.