Multi-GPU Xe Support For Intel Linux Graphics Driver Bared, Promises Awesome Capabilities

Multi-GPU Xe Support For Intel Linux Graphics Driver Bared, Promises Awesome Capabilities
Credit: Intel

Intel has revealed more details on the driver it is currently working on for Linux 5.5. In particular, the chip manufacturer is focused on the multi-GPU capabilities for its Gen 12 and Xegraphics solutions. Discrete and integrated graphics will be among the solutions’ capabilities.

In August, Phoronix already provided a glimpse of the Intel Linux graphics driver for multiple devices. The tech website explained the multi-GPU support is utilized for integrated graphics that would come with a discreet Xe GPU.

In a statement, Phoronix said the i195 driver is capable of handling the discrete graphics system, which can be integrated with the discrete GPU. For multiple discrete GPU set-ups, the company did not have lofty expectations on the user-space side.

Phoronix, however, noted that the Vulkan APIs and OpenCL have the capacity to handle these cases. The work being carried out by the company is in line with preparations for the Intel Linux graphics driver to provide discrete driver support.

According to Phoronix, the changes being done for the upcoming Linux 5.5 kernel code is meant for a performance monitoring unit. The company pointed out this process will allow the handling of the integrated and discrete graphics use.

This development may not sound too exciting for some. But this demonstrates the kind of work Intel is putting in to beef up the Xe and other multi-GPU features. After all, the overall goal is to build on the success of Phoronix and Intel.

The gaming community highly anticipates the newest Intel Linux graphics driver. The chip’s release, therefore, is noteworthy, especially since its multi-GPU capabilities have already been disclosed.

There are also rumors that the Arctic Sound discrete GPU being developed by Intel will include a multi-chip package. Reports have surfaced that this GPU might have four graphics dies. However, it is still unclear if all the multi-GPU work being done by Intel are all related.

Phoronix also shared other developments on the Intel Linux graphics driver it is working on. These include the Intel’s efforts to bring Xe and Tiger Lake, as well as bits of Jasper Lake. This is a 10nm Atom that is expected to be rolled out beyond 2020.

Timing is essential in all decisions Phoronix makes. It is, therefore, not surprising that information on the latest Intel Linux graphics driver has leaked. This is a good thing, as users now have an idea of the new display feature for Xe and the Mountain view SOC.