Monster Hunter: World Is Getting A Texture Resolution Upgrade For Windows PC

Monster Hunter: World Is Getting A Texture Resolution Upgrade For Windows PC
Credit: Instacodez

One of the more in-depth RPGs to come out recently is Monster Hunter: World. It has received rave reviews for its attention to detail and massive open world.

Over the last few months, it has received a lot of upgrades and tweaks. For example, the addition of Street Fighter’s Ryu has made his way into the game if you can believe that. Some technical bugs have been fixed as well, giving PC gamers a more enjoyable experience overall.

It appears the creators of Monster Hunter: World are not done giving PC users a better experience. They plan on unveiling some graphical improvements in an upcoming update. It will make the environments’ textures much more detailed.

Monster Hunter: World is already a beautiful game in terms of its level design and character animations. The addition of improved textures will just make this fantastic RPG that much better. It’s hard to imagine quite honestly.

Capcom is planning to roll out these texture packages on April 4, and they’ll be available completely free through the Steam store. The update will require some additional storage, so if you plan on updating this game at some point, you’ll want to plan for the extra space accordingly.

These recent texture upgrades make Monster Hunter: World a must-play title if you have a PC. What you’ll experience in this game is pretty much summed up in its game title. Worlds. There are so many fantastic worlds to explore in this game.

Each has a personality of its own, with unique monsters for you to take down. When you’re not battling it out with monsters and upgrading your character, you could honestly spend hours exploring the beautiful ecosystems. Their diversity is pretty amazing to see first-hand.

A majority of your time is spent crafting and collecting weapons. You’ll need the best items to have consistent success. Of course, you’ll probably want to read up on some guides if you’ve never played a Monster Hunter game before. They can be pretty intimidating at first.

After some time playing around with the mechanics and seeing what skill-sets you want to master, you’ll have a lot of fun. Again, there is so much to do and explore in this game. You get your money’s worth and most of the time, won’t feel bogged down by repetition.

The game is currently available on the Steam store, and again, continues to get some much-needed improvements thanks to the hard work by Capcom. They really are hitting their stride these past few months, which is great to see from such an iconic game company.