Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Is A Massive And Sprawling Expansion For The Game: This Is What You Need To Know

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Is A Massive And Sprawling Expansion For The Game: This Is What You Need To Know
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

New players who want to jump into Iceborne, the latest expansion for Monster Hunter World, will have to pump the brakes a bit. This one was designed for veterans of the game who have defeated both of the main storylines and sport a strong set of equipment and the like. But the update also comes with a bunch of additional features that will make it easier to get to Iceborne if you just happen to be starting out.

These updates include an upgraded set of armor available from the start of the game, new multiplayer quality of life changes, and a brand new Helper system. So Capcom’s Monster Hunter World is really opening up this incredible gaming experience for new gamers and veterans alike. Get ready for a fun time.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is designed for gamers who have already beaten the game’s two main storylines. There are two tiers included in the main game. Those tiers are the high-rank and the low-rank systems.

The low-rank system revolves around the story of the of a mountain-sized monster named Zorah Magdaros. This giant behemoth threatens to destroy the entire continent and the player has to quickly level up in order to take the monster head-on and save the world.

On the other hand, the high-rank system is more or less a similar progression but involves building up to take on a flying extraterrestrial dragon named Xeno’jiiva. Absolutely wild.

So to access Iceborne, the player will need to beat both of these difficult questlines. Fortunately, Capcom is now giving out a free armor if you log in after the patch. This armor will last well into the later portions of the game and provides special boosts to stamina decay and healing. All the player needs to do is upgrade the armor to keep it competitive as they go along.

Beyond that, Capcom has also introduced a new Helper system. This system gives bonuses and experience boosts to any advanced player who assists a newer player against a difficult monster. So there is a bonus to hunting in parties with mixed experience.

And the scaling of monsters has changed as well. In the past, monsters would scale exponentially to the number of players in the party. So more players would make Monsters at least equally difficult if not more. But now, only having a few additional party members does not make monsters much more difficult.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is out now. So give it a try if you are a fan of monster-hunting games.