Gears 5, The Fifth Game In The Gears Of War Series, Sports A Very Confusing System For Microtransactions

Gears 5, The Fifth Game In The Gears Of War Series, Sports A Very Confusing System For Microtransactions
Credit: Xbox via YouTube

Gears 5 is less than two weeks away at this point which means fans are starting to get excited about the new game. Gears of War has always been a classic and much-loved game among gamers, and now the latest installment is going to make everyone fall in love once again.

But there is one thing that might be confusing to gamers who get the game first. Gears 5 does not have loot boxes. But it does have a strange system that it uses to unlock cosmetic awards for players to sport during the multiplayer portion of the game, and that system will probably be very confusing to gamers who are used to other first-person shooters or even earlier Gears of War games.

The way cosmetic awards work in Gears 5 is with cards. These cards are applied to characters to give them a certain cosmetic upgrade, like a new armor or weapon color.

In order to earn cards, players have to earn supply drops. (Or at least, this is the most common way to earn supply drops.) These supply drops will reward the player with different cards that they can apply to their character. Earning a supply drop has nothing to do with microtransactions or how well the gamer performs during gameplay. Instead, supply drops are just given out by how long the player spends playing online multiplayer.

But there is another way to earn supply cards. The game sports an in-game currency called Iron. Iron can be purchased for $4.99 on the online store and can be used to purchase different cosmetic cards for your character.

The good news is that the cosmetic cards available for purchase are entirely different from those given out by earning supply drops. This means gamers will not be able to buy the cosmetic upgrades other players earned by playing the game. That is always a good thing.

There is, however, a way to earn Iron completely for free. In the game’s online multiplayer, there is a Tour of Duty mode.

The Tour of Duty mode is a tournament-style system that will allow players to earn Iron by ranking up and beating other players. If the gamer can make it to 24th place or better, then they can earn some free Iron to use to purchase microtransaction upgrades.

Gears 5 officially launches on September 19th for Xbox One and Windows PC. Be sure to pick it up if you happen to be a fan of the Gears of War franchise.