Monster Hunter World: Iceborn Just Received Its First Free Update On PS4 And Xbox One; Includes A New Monster

Monster Hunter World: Iceborn Just Received Its First Free Update On PS4 And Xbox One; Includes A New Monster
Credit: Arekkz Gaming via YouTube

Gamers are loving the Iceborn expansion for Monster Hunter: World. It’s chock-full of expansive areas with icy and snowy environments that you can explore to your heart’s content. Capcom made this expansion a full-fledged Monster Hunter experience in a lot of ways, which gives users that much more monster-hunting adventures to go on.

Iceborn has only been out for roughly a month, and it’s already receiving its first free update. There are a lot of new things being introduced. For starters, players will be able to hunt a new monster. That creature is none other than Rajang, a massive fanged beast with immense power to boot. He first appeared in Monster Hunter Freedom 2. He’s certainly a fan-favorite that shouldn’t be taken lightly, especially if you find him out in the open.

His most feared ability is his electrical charge that he can shoot from his mouth. If you’re not careful, one slight misstep will leave you electrified. Some distinguishable physical attributes are his two giant horns at the top of his head, the lion-like tail in the back, and his gorilla-like stance.

Overall, he’s a pretty intimidating foe that you’ll have to be very attentive with as far as how you approach combat. Rajang won’t be available in the beginning, though. To gain access to him, you’ll need to make your way through Iceborn’s main story.

There are some other bug fixes and changes coming to Iceborn as well. For example, you can now make your room public to other players. This update seems perfect for showing off your decorating abilities. Speaking of decor, players now have access to even more options in the Seliana area. A room-exclusive chat feature has even been added for personal conversations with other players.

A lot of improvements are coming to Guilding Lands. Now, you’ll be able to obtain various materials at each level. You’re guaranteed special items by capturing or carving monsters. Additionally, unanalyzed attacks are now much easier to obtain.

There are notes highlighting these changes in great detail on Capcom’s official page for Iceborn. You can head their now if you’re interested in all of the updates. They’re heading to both Xbox One and PS4. Capcom is still keen on making the expansion as user-friendly as possible — which is certainly helpful for those who don’t have a long history playing the series. Players can expect more updates later in the year as well.