Five Reasons The Last Of Us 2 Will Be Another Naughty Dog Blockbuster

Five Reasons The Last Of Us 2 Will Be Another Naughty Dog Blockbuster
Credit: Naughty Dog

The Last of Us 2 is an action-adventure game developed by Naughty Dog, set for release on February 21, 2020. Sony Interactive Entertainment will be the publisher for this PS4 exclusive.

The game will feature 19-year-old Ellie who conflicts with a mysterious cult, and as the developer says, this The Last of Us sequel will be a major hit. Here are five reasons fans should be anxious about The Last of Us 2.

This is the biggest story ever from Naughty Dog
The original The Last Season Of Us story was so conclusive but, this did not stop Naughty Dog from cranking out a sequel. This season’s story is very ambitious, and its scope is ever-growing. There is also more development of characters Ellie and Joel. Naughty Dog intends to expand and improve its story-line, and this will result in being the biggest story ever told by the American developer.

Ellie’s journey continues in more extreme ways
Ellie is featured as a loyal character in the first The Last of Us 2 trailer. But, as the story advances, Ellie gets hurt, suffers a great loss, and this leaves her with pain and hatred. She displays hatred, and The Last of Us Part II will show how much she can do after being pushed to the limit.

Ellie takes the lead
Although Joel was protagonist previous season, Ellie takes the lead in the sequel, and the story is built around that change. Ellie is more agile than Joel, and this character, together with her changed personality, makes her best fit for her role as the protagonist.

The role of Dina

Dina plays a significant role in Ellie’s character progression. She is presented as a mysterious character. Although her relationship with Ellie has not been fully revealed, it is seen from the released thriller that they became good friends. Later, she is nowhere to be seen, and Ellie focuses on seeking ravage. It is yet to be known what happened between the two, and that is something to look forward to.

Frantic scavenging
The Last Of Us 2 will feature scavenging with very intense tension when trying to look for resources. The resources will be scarce, creating a lot of panic among the players. Scavenging will be an essential element considering Ellie is the new leader, and the most vital weapons are hard to find.

Indeed, The Last Of Us 2 will have an exciting story-line and game-play. Making Ellie, the protagonist makes the game more intriguing, considering her past perception as a loyal and soft character.