Modern Warfare 2 Features A Secret Teddy Bear Location, Just Like The Previous Call Of Duty Games

Modern Warfare 2 Features A Secret Teddy Bear Location, Just Like The Previous Call Of Duty Games
Credit: IGN

Players Can Now Access The Modern Warfare 2 Campaign, And They’re Scrambling To Find All Of The Game’s Easter Eggs Across The Game’s Maps. Unfortunately, some have followed this to what they believe is a bear they know.

Fans of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 have taken it upon themselves to find everything, including a hidden teddy bear, in the game’s campaign, which is currently playable. While not a new feature, many players continue to enjoy finding Easter eggs in their favorite games. While the makers hide the vast majority of easter eggs, they occasionally sneak a few in as teasers for the most devoted players.

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Firms have used games like The Division 2, like Ubisoft, to try and give hints about their next games. Other times, developers hide artifacts with special significance to the studio or the players. Respawn Entertainment is one such studio; they have been known to bury a stuffed animal named Nessie since Titanfall and have continued the tradition in Apex Legends. Likewise, modern Warfare 2 follows the tradition of the previous Call of Duty games by concealing a teddy bear.

Players who have pre-ordered and preloaded Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 on their device will gain access to the campaign early. Many followers have been actively looking for clues, and some have found them already. For example, Infinity Ward has included a cuddly teddy bear in the Modern Warfare 2 commercial campaign, as seen in the image below from Reddit user lundun91.

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The bear has seen better days, as evidenced by the torn stitching and the stuffing falling out of its leg as it sits on a shelf in what appears to be a bedroom riddled with gunshot holes in the wall. Another bear has dropped from the frame and is now resting there. To pay homage to previous bears, which date back to Call of Duty: Finest Hour, this one has a star over its heart. Unfortunately, the vast majority of these items are useless.