Minecraft’s Nether World Gets The First Big Update Since The Game Was Launched In 2011

Minecraft’s Nether World Gets The First Big Update Since The Game Was Launched In 2011
Credit: Mojang via YouTube

The Minecon Event concluded today with tons of exciting updates for Microsoft’s Minecraft game. There are bits and pieces of good news for every Minecraft players, but the highlight of the event focused on improvements with the Nether World.

Held last September 29, the partnership between Microsoft and Mojang revealed updates intended to freshen the sordid depths of the Nether World. The Nether is part of Minecraft’s otherworldly dimension which can be accessed with obsidian blocks.

Players can craft the Nether Portal using these blocks, entering a different dimension overrun by aggressive creatures and the deadly Nether Fortress. The Nether is also teeming with environmental hazards, including lava and other challenges.

Although Minecraft has released many updates over the years, the Nether has been entirely left out. The world has not received any significant update since the game feature was added. But, this will all change with the upcoming Microsoft update which aims to improve the Nether. The dev team strives to ship these updates before the year ends.

So, what can we expect from the new update? Since the game’s release, this has got to be the most significant update from Minecraft. The Nether Update, as it has been dubbed, will bring a wide array of changes. This includes the biome feature, mobs, new mechanics, and several other features.

A new type of mob called ‘piglins’ will be included in the game. These characters can build settlements which can trade with other players. The piglins are also obsessed with gold, so wearing a gold armor will definitely invite an attack. Also, the piglins are good at trading or bartering. The Nether trading system will have a different concept compared to what the game already has.

Additionally, new mobs will be included in the update including the Piglin Beast, a pig-type mob with a pugnacious and combative aura. The Piglin Beast though provides Nether explorers with food sources.

New biomes are also expected on the latest Minecraft update which includes the Netherworld Forest and Soulsand Valley. These are new places to explore with diverse environments.

Along with updates on the gameplay element, the Nether Update will also include new special effects, adding spooky atmospherics to the environment. These updates are expected for release on the first half of next year, after the release of the Bees Update, schedules before the Holidays.