Gameplay Footage Was Just Revealed For The Bradwell Conspiracy, A Unique Narrative-Based Game

Gameplay Footage Was Just Revealed For The Bradwell Conspiracy, A Unique Narrative-Based Game
Credit: IGN via YouTube

If you enjoy narrative-based games that put more emphasis on story as opposed to hardcore action, then The Bradwell Conspiracy is worth checking out. Developed by A Brave Plan, this puzzle/narrative game takes you into the world of conspiracy and mystery.

After a sudden explosion at the Stonehenge Museum fundraiser, you find yourself trapped below with several other survivors. As you look for a way out, you’ll come across dark secrets that threaten humanity as you know it. The game is self-paced and lets you journey through the underground passages how you see fit.

The game just received a gameplay trailer via IGN on YouTube. It shows off the items and strategy involved in hopes of finding a way out. Your central resource is an innovative 3D printer camera. Basically, you take pictures of key items that you discover, which you can copy as many times as you want and send them over to another survivor. Two heads are better than one as they say.

The next stage has the user take a personality test involving cats and dogs. It seems like a good way to get used to the controls of the 3D printer camera. Next up is a rotational problem solving task, where you have to rotate images until they form the correct pattern. It seems simple enough, but as you get deeper into The Bradwell Conspiracy, you can bet the challenges will raise in difficulty.

After a couple of simulations, the user gets to test out their newly acquired equipment and skills in a real situation. This trailer certainly seems useful if you plan on hitting the ground running when playing The Bradwell Conspiracy for the first time.

From everything shown, this game is shaping up to be quite a fun and immersive experience. You’ll solve challenges ranging from mild to complex, with the end goal of finding out more about the conspiracy at play and escaping with your life.

The fact that it’s shot from a first-person perspective helps immerse you in the interesting environments even more. Despite the dark secrets hidden within this game, it maintains a cheery vibe most of the time. Even the dialogue and music have been nailed down perfectly to give players a well-rounded narrative experience.

This game doesn’t have an official release date just yet, but it should be coming out relatively soon. Expect to see more gameplay and feature updates as 2019 draws to a close.