Minecraft’s Mobs Explored: The Iron Golem, A Created Protector Of Players And Villagers

Minecraft’s Mobs Explored: The Iron Golem, A Created Protector Of Players And Villagers
Credit: Minecraft via YouTube

Minecraft’s Iron Golem is a protector of both Player and Villagers, The Iron Golem spawns around Villages and can be seen attacking various mobs, and if the Iron Golem was not created by the Player, the Iron Golem might even attack the Player.

When the Iron Golem is created by the Player, That Iron Golem will not attack that Player under any circumstance. This makes Minecraft’s Iron Golem perfect for any group of Players needing protection from mobs.

To create an Iron Golem, Players will need at least four Iron Blocks along with either a carved pumpkin, jack o’ later or just a normal pumpkin. If Players don’t want to create an Iron Golem, They can look for a Village somewhere in your Minecraft world which has a patrolling Golem.

The Patrolling Golem will attack the Player if the Player happens to have attacked a villager or if the Player has reduced popularity in a village. If the Minecraft world is set to Peaceful, The Iron Golem will do no damage to the Player but still perform the attack animation.

If your Minecraft world is set to Easy, The Iron Golem will do anywhere from 4 to 11 health points of damage to the Player. In the Normal setting, The Iron Golem’s attack will to anywhere from 7 to 23 health points. In Hard, The Iron Golem’s attack will range from 10 health points to 31 health points, and this means that in Hard an Iron Golem can potentially kill the Player in a single hit.

In the Java Edition, An Iron Golem that has taken damage will slowly begin to crack. Normally, An Iron Golem will have a total of 100 Health points. The cracks will begin to form if the Iron Golem’s Health starts to drop below 74, and even more, cracks will appear if its health is in between 50 and 74 health points.

If the Golem’s health is between 49 and 25 Health points, more cracks begin to appear on the Golem’s body. When the Iron Golem’s health is lower than 25, many cracks are visible all throughout the Golem’s body.

Another feature of the Java edition is that if the Iron Golem begins to crack users can use an Iron Ingot to restore the Golem’s health by 25%. Sadly, when a Golem is damaged in the Bedrock edition there currently isn’t a way to heal them.