Minecraft Now After Over Ten Years, Steve Grows His Beard Again

Minecraft Now After Over Ten Years, Steve Grows His Beard Again
Credit: pcgamer

After 13 years, Steve, the default character skin in Minecraft, has finally gotten back his original beard.

For the first time in more over ten years, game developer Mojang has upgraded both Steve and Alex’s character designs. The modifications return Steve’s original face fuzz and give both of their blocky models additional 3D components.

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With the most recent update to the future version of Minecraft, Steve, the classic default skin/character, has a beard once more for the first time in more than ten years. In addition, a few minor texture changes have been made to the skins of the default Steve and Alex heroes in the beta launcher.

Steve is sporting that recognizable beard once more. Sleeves that are rolled up or cuffed and a little more color definition on prominent locations like the chest, shoes, and arms. Maybe they merely polished the shoes. That mining dust makes it difficult to say, you obviously understand?

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Alex, however, wears most of their apparel in more striking colors and with the same wrist cuffs. Particularly, Alex’s hair has distinct depth and texture.

Everyone has suffered from the multi-year global epidemic. Since they weren’t going anywhere or doing anything, several people made the decision that it was the perfect time to grow beards—including, it would appear, Minecraft Steve. Is that similar to canon? Obviously, it is not real, though. I invented it.

Thirteen years prior to Alex’s arrival on the scene in 2009, Steve’s beard first vanished. Despite this, the uncared-for beard occasionally showed up in authorized artwork, and even the time Steve was included in Super Smash Brothers, even down to an Amiibo figure. Hello, Steve with the beard. Fans appear enthusiastic.

In other Minecraft news, we’ve compiled a list of the top texture packs for the classic post-apocalyptic world. In addition, in-game ancient ruins that have recently been introduced to the game, as well as historical castles from outside the game, are both getting some restoration attention from gamers.