Minecraft Dungeons Finally Announced Its Release Date For The Odd ARPG Coming To All Platforms

Minecraft Dungeons Finally Announced Its Release Date For The Odd ARPG Coming To All Platforms
Credit: Minecraft via YouTube

When one ponders on Minecraft, they likely think of the relatively unlimited creativity that the open-world sandbox offers. Sure, there are dungeons and bosses to cut your way through if you have a hankering, but the block-based title has earned unprecedented levels of love and adoration from multiple generations of gamers primarily based on the obscene levels of creativity that the title offers. From the first block placed to attempting to figure out how to build a specific item (prior to the in-game browser), it’s been a title that has been celebrated around the world.

This leads to some head-scratching in regards to the upcoming title being developed by Mojang and Double Eleven called Minecraft Dungeons.  It takes what was so popular about Minecraft and simply strips it away, resulting in a Diablo-like dungeon crawler with the classic blocks that everyone knows and loves, along with isometric dungeon-crawling and slaying of various enemies.

It’s perplexing in regards to who, precisely, Mojang are targeting with Minecraft Dungeons; surely, action-RPGs are a dime a dozen at the moment with multiple heavy-weight contenders in the arena such as Grinding Gear Games and Blizzard.

Perhaps it’s supposed to introduce children into the realm of dungeon crawling and leveling up, or they’re hoping that the unprecedented levels of success from Minecraft will carry it to success.

Whatever the thought process behind it, the release date has finally been announced as May 26th, 2020. The title is coming to every platform conceivable for the modern generation: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.  Some are mourning that the release has been pushed back from the optimistic April, yet a delayed game is temporarily bad, a rushed game is bad forever.

Various videos have been surfacing from Mojang to tease what people can expect from the upcoming spin-off of Minecraft, and the opinions have been equally divided. The primary crux of the issue that many are concerned about is precisely what is listed above; they’ve stripped the Minecraft part from Minecraft Dungeons, and the residual title appears to be Minecraft in name only, without necessarily bringing the genre to new heights or offering much outside of what has already been cemented as staples.

Regardless of what people’s opinions are of the snippets that we’ve seen, we won’t have to wait too much longer in order to actually get our hands on the title, and see what Mojang has been cooking up behind closed doors.  Who knows, maybe they will introduce wild ideas that bring the genre as a whole to the next level.