Microsoft’s Phil Spencer Says A Final Fantasy 14 Port Is Coming To Xbox One Eventually, The Port Is Having Issues With Crossplay

Microsoft’s Phil Spencer Says A Final Fantasy 14 Port Is Coming To Xbox One Eventually, The Port Is Having Issues With Crossplay
Credit: Final Fantasy XIV Via Youtube

There is a bunch of Final Fantasy games coming to the Xbox Game pass this holiday season. Final Fantasy  7, 8, 9, 10, 10-2, 12, 13, and 15 are all coming, but Final Fantasy 14 is conspicuously missing. Phil Spencer has stepped up and promises that the cross-platform MMO will be on Xbox One, eventually.

He spoke at a pre-briefing at X019 and informed the press that Microsoft is in the process of finding a “solution” to bringing Final Fantasy 14 to Xbox One. Phil Spencer is the executive vice president of gaming for Microsoft and has a reputation for keeping all of his promises.

“Rest assured, that we will be bringing [Final Fantasy 14] to Xbox; we have a great relationship with Yoshida-san, and we are working through what it means to bring a cross-platform MMO that they have run for years… but it will be one of the games that is coming, and it’s something that I know our Xbox fans will be incredibly excited to see,” said Spencer.

It was announced at X019 that a ton of popular Final Fantasy games would be coming to PC and the Xbox Game Pass. You will start seeing them appear this holiday season and going into 2020. This is a great chance for Xbox and Pc fans to revisit some of the games from the franchise that they may have missed.

Final Fantasy 7, 10/10-2, and 13 have massive reputations and are a must-play for anyone new to the franchise. Final Fantasy 7 takes you through the adventures of Cloud Strife, a mercenary who joins an eco-terrorist organization to stop the world-controlling megacorporation from using the life energy of the planet as a power source.

Final Fantasy 10 takes you through the story of Tidus, a sports star from a futuristic metropolis known as Zanarkand. During a match, you get swept to another world where you join Summoner Yuna on a journey to save the entire world from a monster known simply as Sin.

Final Fantasy 13 is about two worlds linked through fate, legend, and godly influences. You fight through savage planets filled with untamed monsters, ancient ruins, and divine machines known as fal’Cie. These machines dictate all facets of life, and as you battle through the world, you learn the truth behind their existence.

These are only a few of the many Final Fantasy titles available. You can get access to the ton of Final Fantasy games through Steam or pay the hard-to-beat price of $5 a month for the Xbox Game Pass. These are only a few of the tons of games soon to be coming to the Game Pass library.