Microsoft Is Hard At Work With xCloud, A New Cloud-Based Gaming Service

Microsoft Is Hard At Work With xCloud, A New Cloud-Based Gaming Service
Credit: ArtificialOG via Pixabay

Many gaming companies as of late are shifting their attention to game streaming services. Instead of having to buy an entire console, all gamers have to do is sign up for a membership and they’ll have access to thousands of games on command. We’ve seen Google take this approach with their Google Stadia. It has been received positively for the most part.

Well, it looks like Microsoft is looking to get in on the action with their latest cloud-based gaming service, referred to as xCloud. So what exactly is xCloud and does it give gamers a lot of added value? Let’s take a look.

Microsoft recently unveiled some information about xCloud at a recent GDC developer session. Evidently, xCloud will give gamers the ability to play PC-quality games on their favorite mobile device. These include smartphones and tablets. They plan on bringing some of their titles over to this platform, including Forza Horizon 4.

In theory, this sounds like a great idea. Being able to play the latest AAA titles on a mobile device, all while using a Bluetooth controller, seems like a very convenient experience. It opens up gamers to so many more possibilities, particularly when having parties with their friends and family.

However, there is one potential problem. Not everyone will have access to a Bluetooth controller. Those that don’t will be stuck using the touch controls on their mobile device. If you haven’t had the chance to do this yet, it can be quite difficult. Some games just work better when controlled with analog sticks.

To solve this issue, developers at Microsoft are apparently rolling out a Touch Application Kit. It enables game developers the ability to apply touch-screen controls to games that were originally intended to be played with a mouse or console controller. This seems like a great idea for game developers, but will it have a positive impact on gamers?

Time will tell. Still, xCloud could have a lot of success out of the gate. There are those who simply can’t afford newer consoles. A subscription-based service seems like a cost-effective option for these gamers, and they would still have access to the same games and experiences.

That’s pretty much all of the details we know about xCloud at this time. Its creators are working at a feverish pace to unveil it. Hopefully, we get a few sneak-peak trailers before its official launch in the near future.