Microsoft Flight Simulator Is Getting Seasonal Weather According To Microsoft; Set To Take Flight Simulation To The Next Level

Microsoft Flight Simulator Is Getting Seasonal Weather According To Microsoft; Set To Take Flight Simulation To The Next Level
Credit: Microsoft Flight Simulator via YouTube

If you’ve ever played a Microsoft Flight Simulator game before, you know just how realistic the graphics and gameplay are. Being miles up in the air controlling a large commercial plane just invokes so much joy that’s rarely replicated by simulators of similar nature.

Based on all that we know about the newest Microsoft Flight Simulator, it’s going to be the best installment to date. That’s a pretty bold claim considering how great so many previous installments were. It’s clear Microsoft isn’t holding back in the immersion and realism departments.

Furthering this notion was Microsoft’s most recent announcement where they showed off seasonal weather. That should make the flight experiences and visuals all the more impressive.

Microsoft deserves a lot of credit for this design choice, too. When you think about seasonal weather systems, a lot goes into crafting them. For example, if it were to snow in one particular area, designers have to reflect this by showing snow in various areas like around cities and open grasslands.

That’s an incredible amount of detail that doesn’t just appear in a game like this over night. Rather, it takes years to build a system competent enough of supporting seasonal weather to any realistic degree.

A new trailer shows the seasonal weather in grand fashion. We see fog roll over a crowded city, presumably in New York. The weather then gradually transitions to a snowy climate. There is snow everywhere, including on rooftops, around frozen lakes, and in parks. It’s crazy to fathom how long it took the developers to dial these weather systems in just right.

Seeing miles and miles of forest land covered in snow is breathtaking to see from the trailer. This latest installment truly could be one for the ages. It also brings up flight mechanics. Will weather systems have a huge impact on how your selected plane flies through the air?

If that’s the case, then that’s cause for celebration. It would bring a whole new level of immersion and difficulty that this franchise hasn’t yet seen. Before takeoffs, you’ll have to check the forecast to see what elements you’ll have to take into account.

Every time a new trailer comes out for Microsoft Flight Simulator, things just get better and better. As it stands now, the game is set to release sometime in 2020. Although there isn’t an official release date at the moment, the wait certainly seems worth it based on all of the excitement screenshots and announcements.