Xbox Announces the Addition of Grand Theft Auto V to Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Announces the Addition of Grand Theft Auto V to Xbox Game Pass
Credit: Rockstar Games via YouTube

Xbox has announced the newest addition to the Xbox Game Pass program. The massive blockbuster became available effective immediately and can be played by those with the Xbox Game Pass.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Game Pass system, the subscription-based service allows customers to play the games available on the Game Pass at no extra charge. Microsoft describes it as “Netflix for video games,” with a $9.99 per month tier and an “ultimate” $14.99 per month tier that allows more games.

Xbox Game Pass also recently came to PC, rather than sticking to console as the subscription service traditionally had. It includes games plenty of games ranging from massive AAA titles to other games one may not immediately jump towards. Ultimate pass users can play games like Gears of War 5, The Outer Worlds, and Sea of Thieves with their game pass subscription.

It’s an incredibly worthwhile service if you intend to take advantage of it adequately, but if you only intend to play a few games then you might save money by simply purchasing those games.

Speaking of saving money, playing Grand Theft Auto via the Game Pass system is excellent for those that want to experience the campaign, but it may not be too great for gamers looking for the multiplayer experience. Sometime around 2013 when Grand Theft Auto Five was released, Rockstar discovered microtransactions, and since then have implemented them to the point of saturation in their GTA title.

So while the game might be free, it can be difficult to get your feet off the ground in the multiplayer without spending some cash. A new player would drop into a world filled with players flying multi-million dollar military planes, running to their bunkers and yachts, and driving their heavily armored DLC vehicles.

On top of that, Grand Theft Auto V is going to be seven years old this year, so it’s interesting to see it added to a subscription service. In the gaming industry, seven years is more than enough time for the entire gaming scene to transform, so why is it still being added?

The answer to that is simple: Grand Theft Auto V still has more players than the majority of games, with around 190,000 people still playing on a regular basis. Around the Holiday season, the player base peaked around 200,000 people still blowing stuff up in the online servers.

It may be a dated game, and you might need to pull out your wallet, but it’s still certain to bring dozens of hours of enjoyment to Game Pass users.