Microsoft Flight Simulator Already Looks Impressive Based On Recent Test Flights That Have Been Leaked

Microsoft Flight Simulator Already Looks Impressive Based On Recent Test Flights That Have Been Leaked
Credit: ObsidianAnt via YouTube

When you think of realistic takes on flying airplanes, Microsoft Flight Simulator is a game that immediately comes to mind. This series is renowned for its jaw-dropping visual details and mechanics that are true to form. These games are so realistic, in fact, that some companies use them as training programs.

The next installment in this storied series is seeming to be particularly authentic and immersive. We’ve been treated to a couple of screenshots already. There are only a couple of words to describe them: Absolutely gorgeous. They are painting quite an epic picture for a game that takes you front and center in cockpits, where you’ll have a bevvy of controls to master.

We’ve also been treated to some footage. Some new test flights have just come out thanks to a mysterious user. It’s from the alpha that’s currently underway right now. The footage shows a couple of flights all the way from takeoff to landing. There are so many details worth highlighting in these recent clips.

Let’s start off with a couple of the cockpits. They are just as real as the controls found in commercial aircrafts used today. Microsoft hasn’t skipped out on any details it seems. The layouts may seem a bit overwhelming at first, especially if you’re not overly familiar with this flight simulator series. That just goes to show the developer wanted to up the authenticity of this installment even more. Everything is in its place. It’s quite impressive, to be honest.

Now let’s shift to the exterior visuals. Not surprisingly, they are just as realistic as the interior of the planes shown. The crisp waters, forest ranges, and beautiful clouds paint quite the scenes that you’ll have the pleasure of flying around in this game. Nothing seems better than heading up in the air and escaping reality for a couple of hours. It’s almost cathartic in a lot of ways.

These flight tests are exactly what fans have hoped for: An amazingly detailed installment with realistic flight controls. You can bet these clips will get the community buzzing about what’s to come for the franchise. As it stands now, we currently don’t have an official release date. We do know the developer is tentatively targeting 2020. That could be the second quarter or the last. What matters most, though, is Microsoft Flight Simulator is gaining momentum and definitely seems worth all of the hype.