Massive Updates Coming To Splatoon 3, New Update Notes Available

Massive Updates Coming To Splatoon 3, New Update Notes Available
Credit: CB

The latest patch notes for Splatoon 3 have been released, bringing the Nintendo Switch game to version 1.2.0. Nintendo has released the patch details for the patch ahead of its scheduled release date of October 25. Their importance will not be lost on fans, and they should help enhance the overall quality of the show.

In addition, new Splatoon amiibo figures, which will be available next month, will also work with the game after the update goes live. Fixing issues and fine-tuning weaponry for combat is the primary emphasis of this patch.

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We’ve made a number of changes to reduce the prevalence of a certain playstyle in which players stand a safe distance from the action while constantly resorting to sub-weapons and special weapons. Unfortunately, bug repairs are the focus of this patch. Thus any changes to weapons will have to wait until the next release.

Moreover, we have sped up matchmaking for specific game types, decreased battle latency, and improved the lobby and other areas for your comfort.

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The next patch will focus on seasonal content for the month of December, adjusting the balance of weapons and revamping the Splatfest Tricolor Attack mode. Hopefully, it will come out before the conclusion of the season.

It is no longer possible to get an unfair advantage by inking specific terrain with a bomb or the Rainmaker explosion.
The problem where shading the walls of certain items in a stage might fill the special gauge has been resolved.

During Turf War matches, various objects on a stage should now properly count toward the inked area.
When firing at a Tacticooler or Ultra Stamp, the shock wave is no longer the same as if an explosion occurred in midair. Bug fixed where rollers might ink non-contact surfaces when clipping into particular terrain.