Marvel’s Iron Man VR Is Coming To PlayStation VR; Is Every Superhero Fans’ Fantasy

Marvel’s Iron Man VR Is Coming To PlayStation VR; Is Every Superhero Fans’ Fantasy
Credit: Gage Skidmore via Flickr (license)

One of the more popular reasons to own a PlayStation 4 these days is to play PlayStation VR. This virtual reality headset enables gamers to immerse themselves in their favorite games like never before. So many great games have come out for this system, and it appears the PS VR is just getting started.

As reported in the new State of Play showcase run by PlayStation, the PS VR will be getting an Iron Man game. That’s right. Fans of this iconic superhero can suit up in his armor and control Tony Stark in a whole new way.

Marvel’s Iron Man VR will be hitting the marketplace sometime in 2019. This is incredible news if you’re a Marvel fan. If there’s any character that deserves his own VR title, it’s Iron Man. His iconic hand blasters are some of the coolest weapons in the entire MCU.

The gameplay footage that was shown highlights players making use of these hand blasters. Honestly, they look amazing to use. The PlayStation VR seems like the perfect platform to make use of Iron Man’s incredible combat mechanics and flight maneuvers.

There are a lot of cut-scenes that look beautifully rendered. They aren’t actual gameplay footage, but they just show you the world that this VR title will immerse you in. What’s interesting to note is that you have an assistant named Friday. She is a lot like Stark’s former AI assistance, Jarvis. She probably will have a huge role in this game and assist in many important ways.

The VR controls to navigate Iron Man’s blasters seem very responsive. You actually feel like you’re in his suit, where you can see holographic visuals. In addition to blasting enemies out of the sky, Iron Man has the ability to punch. You can wind up for a heavy shot like you would in real life.

That’s pretty much it as far as gameplay footage. Not a lot was shown, but plenty to sink our teeth into. Overall, this VR game looks like it will be a huge hit. It will surely sell well amongst fans of the Marvel comic books and movies.

If Marvel’s Iron Man VR is a huge success, it could mean other superheroes getting their own VR game. We’ve already seen it with Batman. Can you imagine soaring around Metropolis as Superman or running through cities at lightning speed as the Flash? The possibilities are endless thanks to the PlayStation VR’s incredible technology.