Love Is In The Air Valentine’s Day Event Is Live On WoW: Classic!

Love Is In The Air Valentine’s Day Event Is Live On WoW: Classic!
Credit: GameSpot via YouTube

World of Warcraft’s Valentine’s Day event, Love is in the Air, has finally gone live on the World of Warcraft: Classic servers as of February 11th! The event will be live until February 16th, which doesn’t leave you too much time to get the holiday’s activities done if you don’t act fast.

Classic’s Love is in the Air festival is drastically different from the version live on the Battle for Azeroth servers. The event was, like the majority of the early WoW events, originally a much smaller festival than it is now. Blizzard did a complete rework on it a decade ago back in 2010 that saw it turn more into what we see on the modern servers and continued to tweak it on the way.

That said, you might want to forget everything you know about the modern version of the festival if you aren’t familiar with the way it works in Classic. Love Tokens aren’t currency, there isn’t a strangely-capitalist-Goblin-themed quest, and you won’t get the same collectibles and mounts. It’s much more stripped back, but there’s still loads of reasons to complete as many activities as possible!

Much of this holiday is based around giving Love Tokens to NPCs around the capital cities. To do so, you have to buy the Love Tokens from an innkeeper, as well as some cologne or perfume. Cologne allows you to give Tokens to female NPCs, and perfume allows you to give them to male NPCs. The abomination guards in the Undercity, however, can be given gifts regardless of which you’re wearing – they just like that you smell nice.

In return, you’ll be given Gifts and Pledges of Friendship, a small openable item that gives you a random collectible depending on what city you’re in. Collecting enough of these allows you to make a gift collection specific to that city. Collecting gift collections of all three cities allows you to create your faction-specific gift collection, which you can then turn into a racial leader of your choosing (Thrall, Cairne and Sylvanas for Horde, and Magni, Tyrande, and Anduin for Alliance). Completing these gifts also gives special buffs.

Turning these gift collections in serves as a vote for the most popular leader of your faction. Whichever leader wins gets to have the Goblinoid stand-in for Cupid, Kwee Q. Peddlefeet, remain near them for an extra week beyond the event. Doing a /kiss emote on Kwee causes him to give you an hour-long +200 HP buff, so he’s worth keeping around!

There are a few other activities going on as well, such as the Dangerous Love quest line, which rewards you with holiday-exclusive items. Make sure to get a move on if you intend to finish before the event ends on the 16th!