LogitechG Pro And Pro X Premium E-Sports-Inspired Gaming Headphones With BLUE AUD!O Mic Technology

LogitechG Pro And Pro X Premium E-Sports-Inspired Gaming Headphones With BLUE AUD!O Mic Technology
Credit: LogitechG

One of Logitech’s brands, LogitechG added to their G Pro line of professional gaming accessories two premium gaming headphones. Dubbed the LogitechG Pro and Pro X, these two masterpieces will surely give the likes of SteelSeries Arctic Pro, HyperX Cloud Flight and Corsair HS70 a run for their money. They should also spell doom for Logitech’s G Pro Gaming Headphones. For the record, LogitechG is a brand of Logitech.

The new LogitechG gaming headphones have been designed with e-Sports professionals in mind. “Designing products with professional esports athletes ensures that our gear has everything you need to help you perform your best in game,” said Ujesh Desai, the GM Logitech Gaming. “For our new PRO Series gaming headsets, we collaborated with esports players from around the world to help us design a gaming headset that lets you hear and sound like a pro.”

The LogitechG Pro and Pro X are both over-the-ear headphones that boast a sleek and stylish design. The fork and headband are crafted from aluminum and steel, respectively. Comfort is key here, and the company factored the opinion of e-Sports players in the design. The memory foam & leatherette earpads are comfortable though the headband forces them on the ears, making it quite uncomfy. Luckily, the Pro X comes with memory foam & cloth earpads, which are a bit comfortable, and not as sweaty.

Under the hood, the Pro and Pro X boast hybrid mesh PRO-G 50mm drivers for clear and precise sound imaging. However, the Pro X puts up better performance as far as the 7.1 surround sound is concerned. This is courtesy of the exclusive DTS Headphone:X 2.0 which is the latest object-based DTS sound imaging. If you play games that require immersive awareness, this is the real deal. It produces a distinct sound so you’ll be able to tell near-field explosions from far-field.

Both the Pro and Pro X come with a detachable cardioid unidirectional microphone. But while the LogitechG Pro 6mm PRO boom mic has been optimized for accurate studio-quality voice comms, the Pro X is the ultimate deal if you play team sports. It comes with BLUE VO!CE microphone technology which uses filters and effects to make your voice clear, consistent, and professional. BLUE VO!CE is available on the G Hub Advanced Gaming Software and the filters include ‘High-Pass ‘De-Esser’ and ‘Expander.’

The difference between the Pro vs. Pro X is that the latter has BLUE VO!CE technology, DTS Headphone:X 2.0, memory foam & cloth earpads and a carrying bag. The two headphones are compatible with PS4, Xbox, and PC. However, the G Pro X is dedicated to PC gamers as the BLUE VO!CE function requires the G Hub Software.

At the time of writing, the LogitechG Pro and Pro X gaming headphones are available for preorder on the LogitechG website and will also debut in several top retail outlets in July. The LogitechG Pro has a retail price of $99 while the LogitechG Pro X costs $130.