Lillia Is The New League Of Legends Champion With A Love For The Jungle And Plenty Of Speed

Lillia Is The New League Of Legends Champion With A Love For The Jungle And Plenty Of Speed
Credit: RIOT via YouTube

Lillia was added to the PBE yesterday and players were able to check out the newest Champion coming to League of Legends, slated for a July 22nd release later this month.

She’s a centaur, and like Hecarim, has spinning-style attacks that have an AOE effect. It looks like she’ll be a strong jungle champion, as her movement is supposed to be insane.

Here’s a quick rundown of how Lillia feels in-game. First up, as a jungle champion. Her clear is very fast, but she is also extremely squishy. With full AOE abilities, she can whizz through the jungle but it’s necessary to kite the camps or bite the dust.

Her biggest asset is the movement speed buff she gets from her Q ability, Blooming Blows. This speed buff stacks up to five times and is the fastest speed boost in the game. Lillia is fast. Oh, and it also applies AOE true damage.

Lillia’s W is another AOE ability, a targeted leap that deals magic damage and more damage to enemy champs (or minions) in the center of the attack. There is a short delay animation between casting and dealing damage.

The E ability is Swirl Seed – this is a skill shot that launches a magic-dealing projectile and slows an enemy opponent, a much-needed tool for any jungle champion. Once fired, the projectile will continue moving until it hits a target or collides with the terrain.

Each one of Lillia’s abilities applies her passive, Dream Dust, to the target. This applies a portion of an enemies health as magic damage over a period of time. It always synergises with her ultimate, Lilting Lullaby.

This is like Zoe’s sleep but for the entire enemy team. When her R is activated and enemies have the Dream Dust debuff they will slowly fall asleep, completing freezing in spot for a limited amount of time. When they wake up they’ll also take more magic damage for a short duration.

Imagine a Lillia flash into Baron, one quick true damage Q and then an R to totally stall the enemy team. The potential for this champion is pretty massive.

It seems like she plays a little like the other fast jungle champions, such as Evelynn or Shyvana. Lillia will get in deal, deal massive damage, and then try to escape with her squishy life. She’s probably going to be a frustrating one to deal with.