Liberated Is Headed For The Nintendo Switch, A Stylish Stealth Game Set In A Dark World

Liberated Is Headed For The Nintendo Switch, A Stylish Stealth Game Set In A Dark World
Credit: Walkabout via Youtube

Liberated is an exciting title that has come from Atomic Wolf and Walkabout Games. After a successful debut, the game is now looking at a release on the Nintendo Switch and Steam. Experience an amazing tech-noir world full of strife, government, and more.

This is a beautiful award-winning vision of the future. Painted panel by panel the game gives the feeling of a digital comic as they progress through puzzles, stealth and action sequences. Engage in a living comic book story that is driven by player-led choices and decisions.

Liberated is a new take on the comic book genre. Hand-drawn graphics are mixed with an interactive side scroller creating a revolutionary combination of two separate arts.

Travel to a near-future dystopia where the government has taken control of everything in the name of security and safety. Lead an insurgent group known as “Liberated” as you stand up against the government.

This is a side-scroller with gunfights, stealth, puzzles, and platforming action. As you explore the world you will find familiar technology that is used to control people. Social networks mixed with facial recognition means constant monitoring of society.

Authoritarianism born out of democracy births resistance and a new surge of hope. As a new world order is taken down, the resistance must deal with the consequences of that action.

This story is told from multiple points of view. Experience a clash of ideology that transcends the traditional good versus evil argument. Put together the truth through tiny fragments of stories as you witness the downfall of the authoritarian government.

This game has had a very successful time circulating reviewers. Everyone is talking about this upcoming title that is planned for release later this year. The polish game has so far received several amazing reviews of astounded journalist and won multiple awards.

Interested fans can find more information available on Steam and the game’s main website. The developer, Atomic Wolf, has trailers and screenshots displaying the gorgeous black and white noir-style world available on their website. The developers also have an active Facebook, Twitter, and Discord channel where interested fans can connect with the development team.

The game will be sold for $19.99 and can be preordered for a 20% discount. Interested fans can wishlist the title on Steam to keep up to date with the developer’s updates. Any fan of comic book styled games or noir fiction will find this a fascinating world full of technology and deception.