Leap Into The Sands Of Kehjistan, Diablo IV’s New Zone

Leap Into The Sands Of Kehjistan, Diablo IV’s New Zone
Credit: Diablo via YouTube

BlizzCon came with a plethora of new information, but little of it was more welcome than the announcement of the long-awaited Diablo IV. This new installment in the series is one that’s been looked forward to since the release of the third game back in 2012. Just when Diablo fans had lost hope in the wake of the infamous announcement of Diablo: Immortals, this BlizzCon restored us.

Five new zones have been announced for the fourth game, although Kehjistan is only a new zone in technicality. Those that played the previous games will be familiar with two cities that were located in the region: Diablo II’s Kurast, and Diablo III’s Caldeum. The destruction of Kurast made Caldeum the new capital, but as we enter the setting for Diablo IV, even the lavish and beautiful streets of the trade-heavy Caldeum have fallen into ruin.

While there is a surplus of rainforests in the south, Kehjistan is primarily a massive desert, sharing its northern border with the arid Dry Steppes. It’s unclear how much of the zone we’ll be exploring in the new game, but if it spans the entirety of the zone into old and new territories alike, we’ll be seeing familiar enemies tracking us down across the dunes.

Lore wise, Kehjistan is the home of the Kehjistani peoples and is a core of much of the magical history of Sanctuary. The study of magic more or less originated within the borders of Kehjistan, and the formation of the great Mage Clans along with it. This began an empire that would eclipse others in size, advancement, and most importantly, trade.

After a tumultuous existence that stretched from the start of civilization on Sanctuary, the cities of Kehjistan collapsed under the wake of innumerable wars and demonic attacks. These came as a result of Malthael’s assault on Sanctuary in the fifth act of Diablo III.

In terms of gameplay, Kehjistan is a vast enough zone that our adventures are likely to take us into incredibly different situations than can be expected. It’s unclear how much of it we’ll be exploring as of yet, but that information is sure to come out as more and more information arises about the game.

As we fight to wrest control of the zone away from the cultists seeking to awaken ancient horrors, our travels across dunes and jungles alike will lead us to plenty of demons to slaughter and, more importantly, a healthy amount of loot.