Elder Scrolls Online Announces Future Plans For Activity Finder And Undaunted Event

Elder Scrolls Online Announces Future Plans For Activity Finder And Undaunted Event
Credit: Elder Scrolls Online via YouTube

The Elder Scrolls Online’s Undaunted Event was planned to take place last week. The event required that players gather in groups of four to take on dungeons for exclusive loot. Hours after it was launched, the event was deactivated.

The event was dependent upon the Activity Finder, which couldn’t handle all of the players looking for a group.

The Elder Scrolls Online benefits from being a game played either solo, in a group, or as part of a guild. The entire game can be played alone, similar to an Elder Scrolls game, but many enjoy the PVP and battlegrounds content for an additional challenge. With events that rely on groups, solo players can’t handle all the Veteran content alone. Solo players who couldn’t take on a Veteran dungeon level alone were forced to join a group.

The activity finder has had issues for months, but the development team completely rebuilt the system last month. Gamers have been waiting for one week for news related to both the event and fixes.

Bethesda and Zenimax released an update regarding their progress: “Once the previously mentioned fixes for the Activity Finder have been verified by QA, we’ll publish them to all platforms and megaservers.” This fix will roll out on all platforms, and no downtime is necessary. However, there must not be an event in progress for the fix to be added.

While gamers are impatient for the issues with the Activity Finder to be resolved, others are reminding them that fixes will take time. Since this issue occurs every time an event is an Activity Finder-dependent, players hope the fixes will finally resolve the problems.

ESO plans to relaunch the Undaunted Event in December. Unfortunately, it will not occur until after the Dawn of the Dragonguard event, which lasts from November 26 to December 9. This event is not dependent upon the Activity finder, which is why it will launch first.

This timeline is not set in stone. The announcement depends on if the new fixes go smoothly without any additional issues. The Undaunted event may be pushed back even later, which is unfortunate for those seeking rare items and event tickets.

ESO plans to release new updates regarding the fixes as soon as they are available.