League Of Legends Patch 9.15 Hits PBE With New Skins, Counter Mechanics, And A Lot More!

League Of Legends Patch 9.15 Hits PBE With New Skins, Counter Mechanics, And A Lot More!
Credit: Eldimarix via YouTube

League of Legends fanatics can expect to hit PBE anytime soon with Patch 9.15 waiting to be released anytime soon. While the previously released Patch 9.14 was not too much to cause a stir amongst avid gamers, this new release will bring a whole level of excitement.

LoL Design Director, Andrei Van Roon promises that the succeeding four patches, including this one, will focus on game stability and lower balance work. This is seen to be in preparation for the Worlds Event expected to take place late this year and during the release of Patch 9.15.

Lead Game Designer Mark Yetter also hit his twitter account, giving a list of possible changes happening. He said few of the current patch has not yet been finalized, but small number tweaks will “keep things low risk,” about problems with the implementation.

Majority of the changes with the new LoL patch are geared towards creating more playable champions for the mid and bot lane levels. For example, change implementation for the mid-lane includes a meta for the Corki and Azir characters. This patch will also include a lot of brand new skin line with the legendary Pyke skin making a triumphant return to the event.

Champion Balance changes would include the nerf and buff status skills of characters including Evelynn with a decreased cooldown refund of fifty percent, Galio’s damage score increase, and Karma’s mantra bonus shield decrease. Further changes can be expected from various other characters in preparation for the 2019 League of Legends World Championship.

Stability adjustment also plays one of the significant components of the new League of Legends patch. Though not much information has been released about the stability adjustments of this new patch, it hopefully would improve much of the latency and PBE connection problems.

Reports of making it through the Normal Draft Champion select level and then not connecting to the game has been circulating for some time. This Patch should have included a fix in this patch. Patch 9.15 also comes with a new Login Screen, which would definitely be based on the Projects skin line.

Riot Games release new patches for League of Legends every two weeks. Though the game developer has not yet released a specific date, we can expect the servers to have downtimes anywhere within the last week of July as the changes are implemented.