League Of Legends’ LCK Suspended Due To Coronavirus Concerns

League Of Legends’ LCK Suspended Due To Coronavirus Concerns
Credit: Riot Games via YouTube

The Coronavirus has interrupted operations across nations, including restricting travel and claiming lives. League of Legends’ LCK is the latest to suspend activities out of concern of the spread of the virus.

Translated from Korean into English, the announcement states thusly:

“Riot games announced on the 3rd that it will take a rest period from the second round of ‘2020 Woori Bank LoL Champions Korea (LCK) Spring’ in order to prevent further expansion of Corona and the safety of league members. In response to Riot Games’ actions, the 2020 LCK Springs and 2020 LoL Challenges Korea Springs Leagues will be temporarily suspended after the last round.” The statement can be read in full here

The LCK is only the latest victim in the world of gaming events being postponed, suspended, or even canceled in response to the Coronavirus. In fact, it isn’t even the first League of Legends competitive season to be suspended. Earlier in February, Riot announced that China’s LPL league would be suspended amidst concerns over the virus, citing that the health of everyone comes before any event.

Earlier this week, even, the Games Developers Conference 2020 was postponed until summer following the withdrawal of multiple developers, most of whom cited concerns of the spread of the virus as their main reason for backing out. Hearthstone Masters Tournament Indonesia had its location changed to California to place some distance between the event and the virus, but even that seems uncertain now as multiple cases have appeared in the United States, including two deaths.

It isn’t all cancelation and sadness, however. E3 stated in an interview that they’re still full steam ahead on E3 2020 regardless of the virus and that there are currently no plans to change course. They even stated that they were excited for everything in store due to the ticket sales and events that have been mounting up.

There’s also the chance that the LCK will be continuing on in an online format. The LPL is going to be returning this March 9th, for example, taking place as a series of online matches. While Riot certainly anticipates unforeseen challenges in the first online competitive season that the league has held, it’s a better alternative to an indefinite postponement.

Overall, the health of everyone has to come before any event, and postponement is an easy price – if an obnoxious one – to pay. It’s certainly much better to have to wait a few months to enjoy your event than to be the next patient in the rampage of this rapidly-spreading virus.