Blizzard Posts Hotfixes For First March World Of Warcraft Patch, Including Changes To Raids And Item Rewards

Blizzard Posts Hotfixes For First March World Of Warcraft Patch, Including Changes To Raids And Item Rewards
Credit: World of Warcraft via youTube

Blizzard has implemented their latest hotfix to the 8.3 patch, with changes coming to Ny’Alotha on several difficulties, as well as a handful of PvP alterations. As a note, all changes discussed here are in reference to the Battle for Azeroth version of the game live on retail servers. No changes have been made to WoW: Classic in this patch.

One fun little thing to mention for Hunters: you can now tame Juggernaut pets in the Siege of Orgrimmar raid! These are a fun flavor to have, though they statistically won’t have a significant difference to other pets.

Speaking on Ny’alotha, Prophet Skitra now has two intermission phases on all difficulties, instead of the four that they had. They will now enter intermission phases at 33% and 66%, instead of the 20%/40%/60%/80% intermissions that were previously in place. This change will undoubtedly make this fight go considerably faster, but you won’t have as many chances to catch your breath!

Dark Ritual’s debuff effect now increases by 4% per stack, double the previous 2% per stack. This change is for all difficulties as well, and will undoubtedly make the fight more difficult, especially paired with the less frequent intermissions.

Moving to Ra-den the Despoiled, Void Collapse’s cast time has been increased to 4.5 seconds on Raid Finder, Normal, and Heroic difficulties. The damage has also been reduced on all difficulties. Void Defilement’s duration has been decreased to 6 seconds for Mythic difficulty.

To the big bad himself, N’Zoth the Corruptor has had a few hits to his strength. Azeroth’s Radiance now restores 25 Sanity instead of 20, and the Thought Harvester’s Harvest Thoughts has had its damage reduced by 10%, as well as reducing the sanity drained from 400 to 300. Mindgrasp can also no longer be interrupted by Priests’ Cosmic Ripple ability.

In Items and Rewards, the currency limit has been removed for Coalescing Visions. Cache of the Black Empire will now award 12,500 Coalescing Visions instead of 2,500 and a Vessel of Horrific Visions. The Memory Cube is now only usable in non-instanced areas as well.

Finally, Twilight Devastation’s effectiveness has been nerfed when hitting six or more targets. It now will deal normal damage up to 5 targets, but reduced to 50% when hitting 6-10 targets. It will disappear completely if hitting ten. The Heart of Azeroth’s Formless Void Rank 3 Minor Power should no longer break Rogue Stealth, and an issue has been fixed where Frost Mages using Glacial Spike and Flurry could have their icicle buff not displayed properly.

There are a few minor changes as well – a portal has been added after defeating Vil’raxx, and and timewalking has had a few alterations to properly reflect power. These changes will all be applied at regional restart, so get out there and take down an Old God!