League Of Legends Brings Back Clash To PBE Servers, Plus Testing New Death Recap Feature

League Of Legends Brings Back Clash To PBE Servers, Plus Testing New Death Recap Feature
Credit: League of Legends via Youtube

Last year, League of Legends designed a tournament-style competition mode for players to team up on in an attempt to expand the game’s competitive scene.

Known as Clash, the system seemed to be fleshed out fairly well with banners, brackets, and more to support it – but unfortunately, there were technical issues with the game’s release.

According to an update by Riot Games last month, Clash was initially problematic because the servers couldn’t support the tournament’s need for so many games to begin at once. While Riot attempted to apply fixes at the time, Clash was indefinitely put on hold.

Thankfully, Riot didn’t forget about the game mode and have been working on developing and testing it to make sure that the new format is better supported by the LoL servers.

During the blog post update, RiotIAmWalrus shared that they were in the developmental stages of the game, which would then move on to various types of testing throughout Summer 2019.

In a recent update to the PBE, players can now create a team to take part in the very first Clash test since last year, which will take place on July 2nd.

Riot Games has placed a heavy focus on ensuring that the servers can support clash without any lag or disconnection issues; therefore, they’re taking extra precautions to create the most stable environment this time around.

In preparation for the test, Riot released a statement on the PBE, stating, “All queues will be turned off from 12pm to 5pm PDT on July 2nd (7pm – 12am UTC) for the Clash test taking place.”

For players who are interested in trying out Clash, they must have a League of Legends account that is at least Level 30, Honor Level 3, and with no bans or restrictions. Under these circumstances, players can sign up for a PBE account, download the launcher, and ready up for “a series of high stakes single-elimination brackets over two days.”

When players aren’t gearing up for the first series of Clash tests, they can take a look at another upcoming addition to the game – updated death recaps.

Death recaps have been available for League of Legends for a long time now, but it’s been a while since Riot has done anything with them. As it stands, death recaps portray inaccurate and unreliable information, making them a bit pointless and even counterproductive.

Along with the re-addition of Clash, Riot also added the new death recap feature to the PBE for players to test out.

The new and improved version allows players to see who and what they took damage from, the exact type of damage taken, and the champion(s) and abilities used. This comes together with numbers and percentages to show how long a fight lasted and the duration of CC if any was taken.

Altogether, the new death recap should give a much clearer look at what caused a player to die during a fight. This will help to improve gameplay for players overall and on a game-by-game basis, as they can now see how they need to itemize and play to survive in the future.

Overall, a lot of great things are happening with League of Legends, from minor fixes to major additions, and the popular MOBA game doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon.