Latest Rainbow Six Siege Patch To Introduce Modifications That Will Balance Out Character Abilities

Latest Rainbow Six Siege Patch To Introduce Modifications That Will Balance Out Character Abilities
Credit: Ubisoft North America via YouTube

Rainbow Six Siege fans are buzzing with excitement these days, as the game’s latest patch will soon be rolled out. Ubisoft has recently released a preview of the augmentations for the tactical shooter.

Three members of the Ubisoft Barcelona development team have unveiled a couple of the update’s general tweaks. Speaking on the Hot Beach podcast, the team also shared buffs and nerfs included in the patch.

However, the developer said the alterations are still being finalized, and therefore, subject to changes until released. These revisions include character-specific adjustments that are meant to bring greater balance to the game.

For instance, Twitch’s Famas was discovered to have the highest kill-to-death ratio among Rainbow Six Siege characters. A minor nerf will address this concern by reducing this ratio by at least five rounds.

In the meantime, the range of Kaid’s Electroclaw will be getting a significant boost, while reducing the ammunition of his shotgun. On the other hand, Glaz’s sniper rifle will be given a higher fire rate and cause more considerable damage to opponents.

Meanwhile, Jackal and Lesion’s abilities will also be getting modifications in the future. The power of Lesions’ mines will be decreased to reduce their impact damage, while Jackal’s scanning ability will be downgraded.

As a result of this tweak, Jackal will no longer be able to scan footprints above him. If he does a full scan for the whole team to see, the trail will vanish. These changes will come in the next Rainbow Siege Six patch but may arrive in the upcoming season.

Aside from revealing these character tweaks, the Hot Beach hosts also shared graphs and data on player and character performance. However, these stats are solely based on information gathered from PC gamers, leaving out data from console players.

The statistics provide a snapshot of player and character profiles. For example, the data show that Jackal is the most banned operator in the game. Specifically, it has a ban-rate 72% in the Y4S3 version and a ban-rate of 62% in the Y4S2.3 version.

The upcoming Rainbow Six Siege patch also provides in-depth statistics on the characters’ weapons. This offers players the ability to determine the frequency in which certain weapons appear with a specific operator.

Moreover, the data also allow the players to know the win rate of their characters. It is natural for them to expect that the win rate of a character is tied to a top choice. However, this is not always the case.

Although Mozzie’s Commando has twice the number of users than P9 Roni, both have the same success rate. With these game modifications, the latest Rainbow Six Siege patch is anticipated to draw in more players.