Last Year Expansion Called Afterdark To Launch On Steam, Watch Out For The Creepy-Crawly

Last Year Expansion Called Afterdark To Launch On Steam, Watch Out For The Creepy-Crawly
Credit: Last Year via YouTube

An expansion of the Last Year universe is launching on Steam next month. While the PC game has developed a cult following, it didn’t really take off.

One of the primary problems faced by Last Year: The Nightmare was the decision to launch it on Discord. As everybody knows, Nitro has pulled the plug on the platform because nobody was using it. As a result, the game did not gain traction.

However, the developer is determined not to make the same mistake again. The expansion, After Dark, will be launching on Steam just a few days from now. Here is the official trailer of Last Year: Afterdark, so you can get a feel of the game. As you can see, the expansion includes a giant spider hiding in the shadows, killing your friends one by one.

In The Nightmare, a group of average teenagers was forced to play a game of life-or-death after a card game. They soon realize that the card is cursed, which pulled them inside the game. They will face a lot of monsters and serial killers–stuff that horror movies are made of.

They only have one way to survive: they must work together and fight back.

After Dark, you will play one of the six classmates inside the familiar world. Well, there is actually another person in this nightmarish town. But the last one is the puppet master–controlling the giant spider to kill you all.

You have to choose among the different classmates. They have all different abilities and skills, depending on the class you assign them to. There is Chad the jock, Nick the nerd and genius, Amber the prom queen, and Sam the outcast.

You will also meet the ever-optimistic Raj and Troy. Well, Troy watches a lot of horror movies, so being the only black guy, he doesn’t like his odds of surviving. But being a horror nut, he also knows how most stories unfold. It could be an advantage or a disadvantage, depending on how you look at it. For instance, you know there are plot twists in horror movies. Can you trust Troy to anticipate the twist?

But the game reminds you that surviving will be anchored on how the classmates work with each other. They all have their strengths and weaknesses. The trick is how to harness each one’s strengths to minimize the weaknesses in others.

Last Year: Afterdark expansion can already be downloaded on Steam on Dec.10, 2019.