Last Oasis Just Received A New Trailer That Breaks Down More Of The Gameplay

Last Oasis Just Received A New Trailer That Breaks Down More Of The Gameplay
Credit: Last Oasis via YouTube

Survival games have a special uniqueness about them. They often strip away resources and require gamers to think outside the box for the sake of survival. There is immense gratification in these types of games given the obstacles at play.

A game that fits this narrative perfectly seems to be Last Oasis by Donkey Crew. It’s a game where the world has stopped spinning, and as a result, the sun is now a constant threat. You’ll have to keep moving throughout an open world to survive. It’s quite a unique concept that is getting a lot of gamers in the community excited.

We haven’t had a lot of details to really break down as far as gameplay, but that fortunately just changed thanks to a recent trailer. There are a lot of activities highlighted, such as building, scavenging, and of course, surviving. The building aspect seems particularly unique in that it appears you’ll be able to create so many unique and practical structures.

A lot of them are based around transportation, which makes sense considering the open-ended areas you’ll have to travel through to avoid the scorching sun that’s pursuing your every move. Some of the vehicles straight up look like insects, which further highlights the uniqueness of Last Oasis. They’re referred to as walkers and they seem paramount to your survival.

As far as scavenging, that will be key to your survival. Resources are dwindling by the day, and you’ll have to brave the elements to come away with a great haul. All the while, you’ll have to fight off numerous looming threats. There are even some sort of sand monsters you’ll have to account for. They’re massive in size and have terrifyingly large mouths with sharp teeth. They definitely seem like one of the more formidable enemies you’ll encounter in these hostile lands.

Despite there being just miles and miles of desert, there appears to be so many things you can do in this game all based around survival. Some of these include searching for water, hunting for food, dealing with hostile pirates, and figuring out walker technology. It seems like the developer really wanted to make this game open and limitless in terms of possibilities.

Last Oasis certainly seems like one of the more unique survival games in recent memory, which is tentatively scheduled to release around the first quarter of 2020. It’s taking the survival genre in a novel direction.