Korean Solo Queue Superstar Known As Dopa Will Enlist Into Military Following The End Of This Season

Korean Solo Queue Superstar Known As Dopa Will Enlist Into Military Following The End Of This Season
Credit: Image via Riot Games

One of League of Legends’ exceptional stars is reportedly trading in his mouse and keyboard for a uniform. Solo queue legend Dopa, also known as Apdo, is set to enlist in the military due to his native Korea’s military conscription, according to a brief translation on Reddit.

Dopa said this will be his final season, according to the translation. The Korean reportedly debated between spending his time on variety streaming or climbing to rank one on his native server.

Dopa couldn’t decide, and in the end, left the decision up to chance.

It was fate, then, that a random web application chose solo queue for him. Despite never setting foot in the professional circuit, except for an ill-fated qualification match that saw him banned for 1,000 years, Dopa is widely regarded as the greatest solo queue player of all time. The Korean has used several different accounts to hit rank one on various servers, including the Chinese super server open only to the cream of the crop.

At time of writing, he’s ranked 19th on the Korean server, according to League statistics website op.gg. Dopa has a 90-percent win rate over his past 20 games and has over 1,200 LP. Right now, he’s mainly using Orianna and Twisted Fate as his two champions of choice.

Dopa will reportedly move to the Chinese server and try to repeat the feat after he’s conquered the Korean server. Considering his history as League‘s absolute pinnacle of solo queue, few will bet against his last ride to the top. He was Faker’s most notorious opponent during his peak in solo queue games. Matches between Dopa and Faker garnered thousands of viewers to see them sprinkle in action. Both players were considered the best in their roles. Faker was considered the best competitive player while Dopa was considered the best solo queue player in the world.

If fate happened differently, Dopa could’ve landed on a competitive team and possibly be the anti-Faker everyone was looking forward to. Due to this shady past however, that was impossible since he put a permanent shade on his reputation after his boosting allegations. Even if he is considered ban-on-sight, he still manages to reach rank 1 on the Korean solo queue sometimes.

The end might already be written in stone, but who could resist the chance to watch Dopa’s prodigal climbing skills in action? You can catch Dopa on his Huya stream before conscription claims him for the foreseeable future.