Keanu Reeves Enjoyed His Cameo Appearance In Cyberpunk 2077 Game, Wants His Screentime Exposure Doubled

Keanu Reeves Enjoyed His Cameo Appearance In Cyberpunk 2077 Game, Wants His Screentime Exposure Doubled
Credit: GameSpot via YouTube

Actor Keanu Reeves is not only known for his characters in blockbuster films like Speed and Constantine. Now, he has diversified his portfolio by appearing in the Cyberpunk 2077 game. The video game, which is due for release in mid-2020, features the veteran actor playing a big part in the game.

The actor has also been reported to have more dialogues than the other NPCs in Cyberpunk 2077. Now, as confirmed by insiders, Keanu might just be doubling his screen time as he is mentioned to enjoy his in-game character.

An interview with Luca Ward, the actor’s long-time Italian dubber, was recently spotted at Wccftech. It mentions of Reeves enjoying his appearance in the game and asking the developers, CD Projekt Red to increase his screen time appearance in the game. This would also mean that Ward would double his recording hours for the Cyberpunk 2077 game.

Though the news has not yet been confirmed by the actor’s camp or the studio, it also might be a big surprise that the development company’s CEO, Marcin Iwinski confirmed that Reeves ranks second in terms of spoken lines and texts. He also mentions that the dubbing took around 15 days of studio recording. So, in terms of the budget cut, Keanu Reeve’s appearance had a significant influence.

Cyberpunk 2077 is expected for release next year, probably April. Keanu would be playing the character Johnny Silverhand, a non-playing character with an irreverent rockstar persona. The character guides players with tips and advice on various levels of their gameplay. Keanu’s role appears more of a sidekick, but his enigmatic looks and distinguished face makes the game more than just exciting.

A recent spoiler also delves into the Johnny Silverhand character and mentions that he died before the game events started. He appears to be a hacked malware embed trying to dish out quips and bits of advice.

There are also claims that the actor would like to share his ideas on the full development of his game character. Though, it is not confirmed whether he got a first-hand collaboration on how the character would sound and what it would say. Nonetheless, the Johnny Silverlhand character in Cyberpunk 2077 gives an authentic feel on how Keanu looks and acts like.

The game features a branching dialogue cut scene which allows players to interact with NPCs like Johnny Silverhand. The setting takes place in the megapolis of Night City in California. Keanu Reeve’s appearance in the game would definitely spark interest from his non-gaming fans.