In Gaming Industry Disaster, Electronic Arts Raises The Price Of Its Video Games But Only On Steam

In Gaming Industry Disaster, Electronic Arts Raises The Price Of Its Video Games But Only On Steam
Credit: Electronic Arts

Electronic Arts, often known by its much shorter acronym “EA,” is one of the most puissant organizations in the gaming industry. This is a titan of gaming prowess, and they are not afraid of throwing their weight around to try to make things happen. Unfortunately, Electronic Arts is also a bit of a bully: They like to use their weight to make people pay into their schemes. That’s what they truly are, in fact. They are nothing more than schemers.

And this is why it comes as no big surprise to any of us who are paying any attention that the powerful people over at Electronic Arts are once again attempting to extort people who may or may not enjoy their games for even more cash. This is a dangerous combination, and if it continues to go unchecked, we might all find ourselves living in a post-game dystopia the likes of which Huxley or Orwell could have never even imagined. Keep reading to find out more.

As it turns out, the big-time executives over at Electronic Arts own their own game store. It is in direct competition with the organization we all know as “Steam,” which is just another online marketplace to buy these powerful PC games we all know go best on the computers. This is salt of the earth stuff, and we know we need it if we want gamer culture to survive.

Anyway, as you will soon find out, the Electronic Arts team has a bunch of games available for purchase within the domain we all know as Steam as well. These domains are not mutually exclusive. There is overlap.

But Electronic Arts is ready to violate the peace all in a bid to gain some more cash. At least, this is how it seems to everyone who is paying attention to their actions. Earlier this week, Electronic Arts raised the price of their PC games. But they only raised them in one location. That is right, folks, the price of all Electronic Arts games on Steam has gone up.

Everywhere else they have remained the exact same cost per unit of gaming action. Does this seem a little bit fishy to anyone else?

Well, it should. In the past, we have seen Electronic Arts do some shady things like releasing their games as if they were all DLC only content and make loot boxes an only microtransaction related affair. This kind of stuff must end if we are ever going to get out of the world we have created. This is not our society. Good luck out there kiddos.