Hero Hunters Updates To Version 2.10 For The New Year And New Heros Comes With It

Hero Hunters Updates To Version 2.10 For The New Year And New Heros Comes With It
Credit: Hotheadgames.com

As with all constantly updating mobile games, Hero Hunters is ready to start the new year with its first update. Version 2.10 brings in a new character and prepares the game for upcoming events.

The first things in the patch notes are the new characters. Duran the Stimulant Manufacturer and Dealer, joins the team. With a burst SMG and powerful Healing skills, this Rear Line Hero can keep his allies in the fight while dipping into his private supply of stimulants to keep his own health topped up.

The second new hero is Striker. Striker, the Drone Controller brings with her some drones that focus on both offense and defense, Striker can dish it out and take it in kind, providing strong support for her team.

Hero Hunters is also celebrating the Year of the Rat with their Lunar 2020 Skin Event. Participating in this event gives players the chance to win an exclusive Skin for Kurtz, “Shǔ nián!” 鼠年

To get access to this skin, players will need to participate in the Gorgon Co-op from Jan 25th, 2020 to Feb. 1st, 2020. Players will collect Year of Rat Tokens during this event, with different numbers of Rat Tokens being granted for different level enemies, with up to 200 Tokens from level 90 and higher enemies.

However, players will need a Team Level of 40 to unlock the Skins function and equip the Shu Nian Skin.

The next event coming is the one to get Duran’s Survivors Skin. This event will be taking place from Feb 3rd, 2020 to Feb 10th, 2020, and just like the Year of the Rat event, players will get Survivor Tokens for completing the event at the same rate as the Rat Tokens, with the same restriction on Team Level to equip it.

Hothead Games has also revamped the Bounty Rewards, boosting current Milestone and Alliance Leaderboard rankings, granting more Hero Crate Tokens, Speciality Crate Tokens, and the new Most Wanted Crate Tokens.

These new Tokens open the new, Bounty-Exclusive, Most Wanted Crate. This Crate contains lots of high-tiered rewards, including the latest featured Hero, Gilded Tokens, 5-Star Crate Tokens, 7-Star Crate Tokens, Specialty Crate Tokens, Hero Crate Tokens, and Vault Crate Tokens. This Crate has a timer, as the featured Hero is updated with each game update, but the tokens do not expire.

Another new currency is the Vault Crate Tokens, which are used for The Vault Crate. The Vault Crate is a Skin Crate that contains all the Skins players are not able to craft with Skin Nanodust. This includes previous Holiday Skins and Event Exclusive Skins.

Vault Tokens can be earned through the Most Wanted Crate, or through Event Rewards.

The game is also prepared for the upcoming Valentine’s Day in the Razordome. Players will complete challenges to earn Razordome Tokens, which they can use to unlock a special Love Crate. And like all other crates, The Love Crate has great rewards, including Vault Crate Tokens, Hero Fragments, Quick Win Tickets, and a new exclusive Skin for this update’s Buff Focused Hero, Oro.

This event takes place from Feb. 12th, 2020 to Feb. 19th, 2020.

Hero Hunters is definitely prepared for the next couple of months, so players of this game will want to update to 2.10. Don’t miss out on what’s to come.