Here’s Everything To Expect From The New Xbox Series X From Its Release Date, Cost And Others

Here’s Everything To Expect From The New Xbox Series X From Its Release Date, Cost And Others
Credit: Xbox via YouTube

Every new game in a generation offers its users with ramped up graphics, more ambitious game, and netter in-game mechanics.

This is why even with the often-intimidating cost, many users still update their gaming systems with each new console launch-out. With that said, the announcement of Xbox’s next-generation console, the Xbox Series X, has got a lot of gamers ravaging for details on the upcoming gaming system.

Early this year, Xbox announced Project Scarlett, upon its unveiling, gamers Immediately hopped on the news and have been eagerly waiting for more details about the game that the company might let out.

However, from the current rounds, one can guess the new system will be faster, have more storage space than its predecessors, and have more storage. Also, gamers hope for more perks like cross-platform options and backwards compatibility.

Here’s what to expect
According to the announcement from Xbox, the new console promises to have four times the processing power of Xbox One X. for the graphics and visual possibilities, the best example would be the trailer for Senua’s Saga: Hellbalde II, which was part of the announcement. The picture quality looks like a trailer in a live-action movie. To clearly explain, the footage for the trailer was taken in the game’s in-engine, and that shows the power of Xbox Series X.

When it comes to the specification, it promises world-class visuals in the form of 4k at an incredible 60 frames per second with the potential to reach up to 120 frames per second. The system would also enable support for a negative latent refresh rate—which empowers the visuals and power consumption—having the power to render 8K.

It promises to have storage that practically eliminates load times. Additionally, it comes with backward compatibility at launch, not a month later, or a few months but at launch! That means players are free to bring their favorite titles from Xbox One and their accessories to the Xbox Series X. That doesn’t stop there; the company plans to go overboard on this ‘backward compatibility feature,’ which means it will also support ‘cross-generation titles.’ What does this mean??! It means that titles from earlier game systems, along with saved progress, would be shared across devices.

The new pads support more factors than previous designs of the game system. Xbox did redesign the controllers to suit a wider audience. Also, on the controller, there would be a ‘share’ button that eases the process of sharing content across devices and taking screenshots. This means the new controllers would be compatible with Windows 10 PCs and Xbox One systems, which will be included with every bought Xbox Series X console

What Games come with it?
As with most newly launched gaming consoles, some suite of top-notch games accompanies the Xbox Series X unveiling. The one that is already obvious is Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II, which promises compelling visuals, breath-taking storyline, and complex characters.

When is it Launching Officially?
The new Xbox Series X, along with PlayStation’s five is set to launch during the holiday season of 2020. However, there isn’t a specific date yet, but previous game consoles from Xbox have launched around the same time.

How Much will the Xbox Series X cost?
Since the new console aims to be the best on the market, it’s price tag is sure going to reflect that, still considering the launch time is similar to PlayStation 5’s, there would be a price competition between both. Also, considering the Xbox One price at launch being $499, one could expect something similar or slightly expensive, the price tag for the Xbox Series X