Here Are All The Games Coming To Nintendo Switch This Week, October 28, Resident Evil, Spaceland, Luigi’s Mansion 3

Here Are All The Games Coming To Nintendo Switch This Week, October 28, Resident Evil, Spaceland, Luigi’s Mansion 3
Credit: Nintendo

Nintendo revealed all the games that will be released this week on Nintendo Switch. A total of 30 games will be dropping. Here is the full list of games and some notable highlights:
October 28
Two games are dropping today, Monday 28.
– Door Kickers: Action Squad
– Xeno Crisis
Highlights: Play this old school game to rescue hostages and disarm bombs and save everyone. Door Kickers features Online and Couch Coop.
October 29
Tuesday will be the best day with 13 games dropping on Nintendo Switch.
– 140
– Polyroll
– Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz HD
– Earthfall: Alien Horde
– Harvest Moon: Mad Dash
– Vampyr
– Duysk Diver
– Disney Classic Games: Aladdin and The – Lion King
– Resident Evil 5
– Resident Evil 6
– Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the – Secret Hideout
– Disgaea 4 Complete+
Highlights: Earthfall: Alien Horde, a 4-player co-op shooter game where you can team up with friends or play alone to save the world from aliens.
After a long wait for Vampyr to be released on Nintendo Switch, the release date is finally here. Nintendo Switch fans can finally explore the Vampyr from the console they love. Vampyr is an action role-playing game and is played from a third-person view. Play as a doctor who has been made into a vampire, and the thirst for blood will make you kill innocent people.
October 30
One game will be dropping on Wednesday.
– Spaceland
Highlights: Get a chance to lead a team of desperate fighters, kill alien monsters, and then discover the secrets of the lost planet in Spaceland.
October 31
Nine games will be dropping on Thursday.
– Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders 2
– Monoke Slashdown
– Yuri
– Flan
– The Big Journey
– Luigi’s Mansion 3
– Ghost Parade
– Otokomizu
– Agony
Highlights: Explore an action-adventure game and team up with 30 ghostly companions each one lending a unique ability and save the woods on Ghost Parade.
You can also experience the jet pack fighting a 3D action game to save Edo City. In Otokomizu, you save the Edo City by ejecting water from your body to fight the fire and then collect the Mizudama. Don’t forget to knock down the big bosses and the disturbing ninjas.
November 1
On Friday, five games will be dropping on Nintendo Switch.
– Perseverance
– The Mims Beginning
– Race with Ryan
– Spirt Roots
– Windmill Kings
Highlights: Explore an old-school platformer game and pass through five atmospheric worlds each with its unique gameplay mechanics, level design and enemies in Spirit Roots

Microsoft and Sony have also released the list of games coming to Xbox and PlayStation.