Hearthstone Wild Meta Snapshot For November 2019 Released By Team Rank Star

Hearthstone Wild Meta Snapshot For November 2019 Released By Team Rank Star
Credit: Hearthstone via YouTube

Every month, a couple of Legend players across all servers gather around and analyze the meta. After examining it for a couple of days, they centralize their opinions and review the most potent decks as detailed as possible.

With the new cards added recently and the upcoming expansion, the meta will be shaken up once again, but until then, we have the Wild November meta below on our hands.

Tier S – Sn1p Sn4p Warlock. The combo warlock deck relies on reducing key combo pieces to 0 mana to play an infinite amount of mechs in a single turn and one-turn-kill the opponent. The deck is primarily enabled by two cards: Mechwarper and Summoning Portal. The warlock can build a potent board as early as turn five, and then every mech can become a lethal weapon. Sn1p Sn4p warlock is one of the most oppressive decks to be in the game, like Jade Druid, Miracle Rogue, or Midrange Shaman. It is a meta defining deck, and people started building their decks with the primary goal to defeat the absolute king of Wild right now.

Tier 1 – Aluneth Secret mage, Mech Handbuff paladin.

a) Secret Mage seizes the control of the board with highly synergistic cards built around secrets. The deck is flexible; it can tutor the needed secrets or deal burn damage, while Aluneth provides a way to utilize all of its value in the most efficient manner of refilling the hand. The deck suffers way too many problems to be as contestable as Sn1p Sn4p warlock; the deck still needs to right secrets at the right time to be drawn.

b) Mech Handbuff paladin is the primary aggro deck that maximizes the high roll potential. Early hand buff cards like Smuggler’s Run and Grimestreet Outfitters can snowball the game out of control if used on mechs who can magnetize and transfer their buffs onto the board. Mech and Handbuff synergize perfectly together; they are like cereal and milk. One without the other is just not the same. The biggest issue with this deck is silence minions, which can shut down the magnetized minions, in which the player invested multiple cards to buff it up.

Tier 2 – Reno Warlock, Odd Rogue.

a) Reno Warlock is a Highlander deck, which does not need duplicates to be able to trigger powerful cards such as Reno Jackson, Kazakus, Zephyrs. With the new highlander cards, Reno Warlock became more potent than ever. Many would rank Zephyrs as the most reliable card ever created due to its flexibility and ability to turn around unwinnable games. It can create sudden burst damage, swing boards against Murlocs, destroy secrets, it can do anything you wish for in the game to happen.

b) Odd Rogue is a tempo deck that gained fame for playing only odd costing cards. Powered by Baku, the Rogue gains access to a 2/2 hero power, which allows him to secure board quite quickly. Odd rogue benefits from a robust standard package, which enables it to counter most meta decks without replacing any cards.

Different variations of the above decks can be net decked from any popular Hearthstone website, choose one version to your liking, and dominate the Wild ladder before the new expansion gets released, and the meta will get shifted once again.