Have You Found These Time-Specific Animal Crossing: New Horizons Events Yet?

Have You Found These Time-Specific Animal Crossing: New Horizons Events Yet?
Credit: Animal Crossing Official Website

Nintendo’s Animal Crossing: New Horizons has been enjoying a fantastic launch over the last few days. Players have found themselves time-gated a bit due to the relation between the game and time in the real world, but that hasn’t stopped us from having worlds of fun with the title regardless.

Of course, there are ways around the time-gating of Animal Crossing. While the game will task you to wait until the next day to see the fruits of your labor – whether it’s a bridge, a house upgrade, a museum, or a shop – some gamers will opt instead to just change the date on their Nintendo Switch to trigger the next day.

But for those of us that decide to take the game as it comes, there are still a few time-specific events you can enjoy. These aren’t guarantees, and skipping past them with your system’s clock could cause you to miss them entirely. If you’re going through the game with the timing kept the same, here are a few events you can explore the world to find.

If you’re a night owl, you might end up a bit bored at night. Shops are closed, your villagers are asleep, and the whole world just feels sleepy. But if you’re wandering the island, you might run into a ghost!

Wisp wanders the island at night, apparently having lived on the island long ago before passing on. When they see you, they think you’re the ghost and get so scared their soul splits into four pieces. Capture these pieces with the net and Wisp will reward you with your choice between a new item or an expensive one. These can net you some pretty neat gifts, so keep an eye out for your transparent friend.

That isn’t all the night holds for you, though. If you’re lucky, you might get a Meteor Shower event. You may run into Celeste, who will give you the recipe for the DIY Magic Wand. Once the meteor shower comes, run around your island and grab the Star Fragments to make the wand.

If you’re running around at night, you’ll likely run into Tarantulas as well. These crawlies only appear in January, February, March, April, November, and December. They’ll turn aggressive if they see you and start running after you, and if they catch you, your villager will be so stunned they faint and wake up in front of your house! If you’re fast enough, though, you can snag them with a net.

There’s plenty to see around the islands whether the sun is up or not! Do a bit of adventuring and you might find more than a few little events to keep you busy.