Hardspace: Shipbreaker Is Getting A New Mode Called Open Shift

Hardspace: Shipbreaker Is Getting A New Mode Called Open Shift
Credit: Focus Home Interactive via Youtube

Hardspace: Shipbreaker is a game about slicing and carving up ships for valuable materials. It has now been in Early Access on Steam for a month. So far, it has received very positive feedback.

There are plenty of opportunities to upgrade your gear as you salvage high-tech spaceships and their corresponding parts. Who knew disassembling ships could be this much fun? There are a lot of great elements, but there is one aspect that hasn’t gone over so well.

That is the timer on work shifts. As it stands now, you have roughly 15 minutes to get in and out — which as you might imagine puts a lot of pressure on spaceship salvagers. Well it appears Blackbird Interactive is listening to the recent feedback, so much so that the game is going to be getting a new difficulty mode called Open Shift.

It makes it to where there are no time limits on work shifts. You can cut and manipulate spaceship parts for as long as you want. What the timer now does is keep track of how long you play before retreating back to your habitat.

On paper, it’s a great improvement to Hardspace: Shipbreaker. Players will now be able to enjoy gameplay more without having to keep constant watch on the clock.

It’s also worth mentioning that Open Shift makes it to where players have unlimited supply of oxygen unless a leak develops. That also decreases the tension a bit for players who may prefer a more casual experience.

Blackbird Interactive is keen on making this game as good as it can be, and this is clearly evident with this latest update. You can bet more will be on the way as the game matures in Early Access.

For now, though, there is a lot to love. The progression system keeps you excited about cutting up various sections of spaceships. You’ll earn cool resources that have amazing physics. Additionally, you have the chance to grab more advanced contracts for greater rewards.

That should help players pay down their billion dollar debt, or maybe not. Either way, Hardspace: Shipbreaker does a good job at taking a unique idea and making it fun in various ways.

There aren’t a lot of other games out right now like this title so right away, it stands out and begs to be experienced. It’s safe to assume that when it officially releases, it will be even better.